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PROGRESS Wrestling NYC Results 8.12.17: Matt Riddle Beats Walter in Headliner

August 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Progress Wrestling Powerslam Channel

Credit: PWInsider

The crowd looks to be in the 1,500 range.

Jimmy Smallman was overwhelmed by the crowd here. They chanted “Please come back” and he joked that’s the first time he’s gotten that chant two minutes into a show. He introduced WWE UK championPete Dunne in street clothes carrying both titles. Dunne got massive heel heat. He gave it to the NYC crowd for the negative reaction that he received because of his injuries.

Jack Gallagher in his ring attire comes out and cut a promo on Dunne. Gallagher put out a challenge to fight Dunne for the U.K. Championship in the future but Dunne slaps away Jack’s offer of a handshake and walked out of the ring.

Zack Gibson came out and cut a promo on Gallagher, getting loudly booed out of the building. Big “Zack is crap” chant. Looks like we’ll have an impromptu matchup….

Jack Gallagher defeated Zack Gibson with the corner drop kick followed by a standing top rope elbow to Gibson’s neck. Great opener.

Jinny & Deonna Purazzo defeated Dahlia Black & Dakota Kai, where Deonna pinned Dakota with a hanging corner neckbreaker. Debuts for Deonna & Dahlia and it was another really good match.

Timothy Thatcher defeated Donovan Dijak with a Fujiwara armbar to become the #1 contender for the PROGRESS Atlas Championship. A really solid match, with Thatcher trying to ground Dijak’s offense for most of the match.

In Joey Janela’s PROGRESS debut, Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janela in a No DQ match with the Acid Rainmaker. This match was entertaining with chairs, tables, cinderblocks & thumbtacks being used by both wrestlers, who had a split crowd in the last five minutes of the match.

PROGRESS just announced they would be returning with a live event Wrestlemania weekend in New Orleans.

In a 4-way match, Mark Haskins def Austin Theory, Mark Andrews & Keith Lee, in which Haskins applied the sharpshooter on Theory. This was young Theory’s Progress debut & Keith Lee was super over with the crowd.

Side note, EVOLVE referee Brandon Tolle is the MVP of the night for not only working both shows, but every match.

Travis Banks def British Strong Style (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) in a non-title handicapped match. Hard to rate the match due to TK Cooper’s legit injury as he broke his leg.TK Cooper broke his leg on a top rope corkscrew to the outside just a few minutes in. Everyone was quiet for 10 seconds and Jim Smallman announced that they’re calling a doctor until they can take TK out of the area. The injury looked really awful and the leg was totally bent. Smallman is at a loss of words here and it’s the first time that this happened at his event like this. TK at least cracked a bit of a smile even with the horrific injury. Everyone waa standing up and clapping while the doctor waa still working on TK outside the ring. Travis Banks was in the ring and told Smallman that he insisted on still fighting in this match and wrestling BSS in a handicap match.

Matt Riddle def WALTER with the bro-mission to become the new Progress Atlas Champion for the 2nd time. Great back and forth strong style match with Riddle wearing down WALTER with at least 3 Bro2Sleeps during the match and a top rope Centon bomb before he was able to tap out the big man.