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Puroresu Power: Wrestletapes Compliation

September 16, 2006 | Posted by Geordie Angus
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Puroresu Power: Wrestletapes Compliation  

Welcome to the fifth edition of Puroresu Power! Today, we’ll be looking at a compliation tape made up by Matt Long, the awesome guy who runs wrestletapes.net. You want great tapes at great prices with ultra fast delivery? (the guy lives in Texas and got my tape to Vancouver Canada in two weeks) then go to wrestletapes.net. You’ll find something you’ll like, I guarantee it.

Wild Pegasus vs. El Samurai (Best Of Super Juniors 1995)

I already did this on my Best Of Benoit review, so it’s a cut and paste job I’m afraid. They throw each other around with armdrags and fight over a lockup into the ropes. Pegasus puts Samurai in a wristlock and grounds him with an armbar. Samurai makes the ropes, but Pegasus estays on him with a top wristlock and a hammerlock. Samurai escapes the hammerlock with a headlock takeover and goes to work on Pegasus with a half boston crab. A sideslam gets 2, and he keeps on Pegasus with an STF. He hits a vertical suplex for 2 and locks in a cross armbreaker. Pegasus breaks the hold and delivers a snap suplex. Samurai stays in control though, with a piledriver for 2 and a headscissors. They trade standing switches and Samurai gets a rollup for 2, followed by a dropkick, an armdrag, an armbar and a back suplex for 2. Pegasus KILLS him with a lariat and a HIGH back suplex of his own for 2. Pegasus slaps on a headscissors. Samurai escapes and re-applies the STF. He gets an inverted DDT for 2 and tries something off the top, but Pegasis pushes him back down to the canvas and hits a back elbow. Outside, Pegasus WHIPS Samurai with SICKENING FORCE into the railing. Pegasus front suplexes Samurai onto the railing as well. Back in, Pegasus connects with the KILL DIE powerbomb for 2 and a german suplex for 2. Pegasus puts Samurai in the sharpshooter and gets a superplex for 2. He misses a dropkick, however, and Samurai gets the Thunderfire Bomb for 2. Samurai with a missile dropkick for 2 and a german suplex for 2. Pegasus hits the Dragon Suplex for 2 and the flying headbutt off the top for 2, followed by a northern lights suplex for 2 and a back superplex for 2. Samurai counters another with a crossbody for 2 and gets a top rope rana for 2. Pegasus plants him with a jumping tombstone piledriver, but misses another flying headbutt. Samurai slaps on La Majestral for 2 and gets a back suplex for 2. Pegasus gets a backslide for 2. Samurai gets an inside cradle for 2 and a rana for 2. Pegasus delivers another german suplex for 2 and a butterfly suplex for 2. Samurai sunset flips him for 2 and gets a DDT for 2. Pegasus responds with a butterfly superplex for 2, an overhead superplex for 2 and a regular overhead suplex for 2. Samurai suplexes him to the floor and follows with a planca. Inside, and we’ve got one minute left. Samurai hits another Thunderfire Bomb for 2. Pegasus gets a second KILL DIE powerbomb for 2. Samurai gets a german suplex for 2 and Pegasus cradles him for 2 as the 30:00 time limit expires. DAMN!!!! Put a finish on this and you’ve got a ***** match. One of the best matches I’ve seen. ****3/4

Jushin Lyger vs. Ultimo Dragon © (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title, 1/4/93)

This is the first meeting between these two men. They would go to face each other three times after this at the Super J Cup 1995, J-Crown 1996 and the 1997 Toyko Dome Show. They trade wristlocks and run some near misses with STYLE. Crowd likes it, and so do I. Lyger takes Dragon down into an STF. Dragon fights free and works on the leg of Lyger for a bit. Lyger returns the favour, with some leg work of his own. Dragon takes back control with a spinning toe hold. He puts Lyger in the bridging indian deathlock and a bow and arrow. Lyger slaps on the table top submission and hits a whirl backbreaker for 2, then a capo kick. Dragon snaps off a headscissors and goes to an inverted surfboard, followed by a camel clutch. He heads up top, but BOTCHES a missile dropkick. I NEVER thought I would say that. He sends Lyger outside with a handspring elbow and into the crowd with a dropkick, then hits a MONSTER planca off the top. That makes up for the botched dropkick no problem. Dragon suplexes Lyger back into the ring for 2 and delivers a tombstone. Up top again, but he BOTCHES ANOTHER MOVE!!!!! This is NOT the Ultimo Dragon I know, but an imposter trying to sour his good name, cause the Dragon I know wouldn’t botch ONE move in a match. He recovers, though, with a blockbuster slam for 2. Lyger gets a rollup out of the corner for 2. Dragon connects with an ocean cyclone suplex for 2. Lyger knocks him back to the floor with another capo kick and hits a SENTON OFF THE TOP!!!! NICE. Back in, Lyger covers for 2 and goes to a half crab. Dragon knocks him back to the floor and follows with a twisting sumersault planca. In the ring, Dragon snaps off a rana for 2 and hits the quebrada press. A powerbomb garners 2, as does La Majestral. Lyger brings Dragon off the top with the SUPER DDT for 2 and hits the Lygerbomb, followed by a top rope rana for the win.. Good match, but when these two are in the ring, I expect a GREAT match. ***1/2

Jushin Lyger vs. Hayabusa (Super J Cup 1994)

Cut and paste job here. Hayabusa takes Lyger out with a sumersault planca and a missile dropkick for 2. He slaps on a surfboard and gets a leg drop for 2. Lyger takes control with a figure four and a powerbomb for 2. He gets a lariat for 2 and a back suplex, followed by the Capo Kick. Hayabusa ducks another lariat and gets a dropkick for 2. He delivers a flipping senton for 2 and a spinning heel kick off the top for 2. He gets a moonsault off the top for 2 as well. He botches an flying rana off the top and almost kills himself with a botched Shooting Star Press. Lyger gets the Lygerbomb for 2. He catches Hayabusa coming off the top with another powerbomb and hits the fisherman’s brainbuster for 3. Would’ve been better if Hayabusa hadn’t botched his last two big moves. **3/4

Ultimo Dragon vs. Shinjiro Ohtani © (1/4/98, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title)

This is the first meeting between the two after their CLASSIC J-Crown match. Can you imagine the pressure that these guys must’ve been under to have another match of that magnitude? Let’s see if they could do it:

They go to the mat to start, with some nice counters, and fight over a lockup in the corner. Dragon does his handstand spot in the corner and hits his kick combo. Back to the mat, and they do some NICE work there. Ohtani hits a spinkick and the BOOTSCRAPES!!! I LOVE THAT MOVE!!!! Dragon responds with a HUGE kick to the face and a bunch of PAINFUL looking lucha holds. Dragon dumps Ohtani outside and hits a moonsault off the second rope! Back in, Dragon gets a flying rana off the second rope for 2. Ohtani hits a release german suplex and the springboard dropkick, then the springboard spinkick for 2. The Dragon Suplex scores 2 as well. Standing switches and Dragon slaps on a modified La Majestral for 2. Dragon powerbombs Ohtani off the ropes for 2 and gets a running lygerbomb for 2. Ohtani delivers a tornado DDT, but misses another springboard dropkick. Dragon slaps on La Majestral for 2 and gets the twisting rana off the top for 2. Ohtani escapes another Majestral attempt and hits a second Dragon Suplex for the win. Really good match. Would’ve been a great match if the beginning half had been a little better. ***1/4

Tanaka & Kanemoto vs. Takiawa & Ohtani © (Final Dome 1999, IWGP Jr. Tag Titles)

Oh, this should be REAL GOOD. Koji kicks the SHIT out of Ohtani to start. Ohtani responds by slapping the SHIT out of Koji and breaking out the boot scrapes. Tanaka-Takiawa, and Tanaka busts out the FLYING ARMBREAKER!!! Awesome! Takiawa hits a MONSTER lariat. Tanaka takes him down wih a spin kick. He hits a vertical suplex and a kneedrop. Takaiwa delivers a HUGE elbow drop, but falls victim to an enziguri. Tanaka puts Takiawa in the shattered dreams poistion and delivers a series of dropkicks. He and Koji send the champs outside with double dropkicks. Back in, Takaiwa KILLS Koji with another lariat. Ohtani in, but he gets kicked around by Koji and Tanaka. Takaiwa lays in some PAINFUL chops on Tanaka and drops him on the ropes. Tanaka comes out of nowhere with an ankle lock. Takaiwa quickly makes the ropes and grabs a chinlock. Tanaka bites his way out, and he and Koji beat Takiawa around in the corner. Tanaka fires off a dropkick for 2 and re-applies the armbreaker. Takiawa makes the ropes. Ohtani tags in, but Tanaka lays him out with a HUGE kick. Tanaka slaps on the ankle lock. Ohtani fights out and hits a seated dropkick. Takiawa misses a top rope elbow drop and Tanaka hits a missile dropkick for 2. Takiawa fights off a german suplex and hits a DVD for 2. He counters another armbreaker with a side slam and hits a lariat for 2. Tanaka gets a northern lights suplex and floats over into an armbreaker. Takaiwa meets Koji with a powerslam and a brainbuster. Ohtani re-enters and tries a german suplex, but Koji counters with one of his own and delivers the twisting senton for 2. Moonsault misses, and Takaiwa KILLS him with a lariat. Ohtani takes Tanaka out with a springboard dropkick. Koji hits Ohtani and Takiawa with snap overhead suplexes, then the Moonsault on Ohtani for 2. He slaps on the Ankle lock, as Takaiwa hits Tanaka with a DVD. Takiawa breaks up the ankle lock with a lariat. Koji hits a top rope rana and the Tiger Suplex on Ohtani for 2. Tanaka misses a planca on Takiawa. Ohtani gets 2 off a Takiawa lariat and the springboard dropkick. The champs hit a missile dropkick-triple powerbomb combo and Ohtani finishes Koji off with the Sprial Bomb. YES!!!! THIS RULED!!!!! ****1/2

Super Delfin, Takehiro Murahama & Tsubasa vs. Jushin Lyger, Minoru Tanaka & Shinya Makabe (2nd Judgment PPV),

Tanaka and Murahama take it to the mat to start. They both miss dropkicks, and a standoff ensues. Tanaka hits a vertical suplex and a kneedrop for 1. Delfin-Makabe, and Delfin hits a clothesline, then a dropkick. Makabe takes him down with a spear, though. Tsubasa-Lyger, and Lyger hits Tsubasa with a baseball slide. Back in, Tanaka falls prey to triple teaming fromTeam Osaka Pro. Tanaka hits Murahama with a dropkick off the second rope. Lyger tags in with a palm strike for Murahama and whirl backbreakers for Delfin and Tsubasa. Tsubasa takes Makabe and Tanaka down with a flying bodypress. Team Osaka Pro send Lyger outside with a TRIPLE DROPKICK. Delfin hits a planca off the top. Murahama hits a SWEET tope con hilo. Tsubasa hits a quebrada off the second rope. In the ring, Murahama covers Lyger for 2 and hits a spinning heel kick for 2, then slaps on a keylock and a cross ambreaker. Lyger makes the ropes and hits a HUGE powerbomb. Delfin-Makabe, and Makabe snaps off a powerslam for 2. Makabe breaks out the rolling germans for 2. Deflin gets a back suplex for 2 and the Tornado DDT, followed by a running palm strike for 2. Tanaka-Tsubasa, and Tanaka slaps on an ankle lock. Murahama breaks it up. Tsubasa sumersaults into a leg lariat for 2 and connects with a top rope rana for 2. Tsubasa hits a corkscrew splash off the top for 2. Tanaka catches him coming off the top with a dropkick and gets a northern lights suplex for 2. He hits another northern lights suplex and floats over into a cross armbreaker for the win. SWEET!!!! Tons of fun. ****1/2

Dr. Wagner Jr, Silver King & El Samurai vs. Koji Kanemoto, Takiawa & Tanaka (Max Arena Power PPV)

Wagner-Takiawa to start, and they fight over a lockup into the corner, then trade wristlocks. Wagner hits a monkey flip. Takiawa delivers a BIG lariat. Wagner fires off a dragonscrew legwhip. King in, but he falls prey to a vertical suplex. Tanaka comes in with a dropkick. King no-sells and hits a superkick, but Tanaka takes him down with another dropkick. Samurai enters with a STIFF elbow to Tanaka’s face and a leg drop for 1. Tanaka gets a kneedrop and tags in Koji, who hits a spin kick and a falcon arrow. King and Wagner break up the Ankle Lock. King re-enters and gets a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Koji fights off a double team from Wagner and King. He hits King with the snap overhead suplex. Takiawa-Samurai, and Takiawa drops Samurai on the ropes. Koji and Tanaka beat Samurai around for a bit. Wagner and King break out the camel clutch/dropkick spot on Takaiwa for 2. Wagner slaps on the table top submission. Samurai hits Takiawa with an inverted DDT and a series of low dropkicks. Takiawa fights off a tornado DDT and goes for a powerbomb, but Samurai counters with a DDT. He misses a flying headbutt, however. Tanaka tags in and grabs an ankle lock. Wagner breaks it up. Samurai gets an inverted DDT. King comes in and hits a BEAUTIFUL double springboard moonsault for 2. A headscissors cradle gets 2 as well. Tanaka breaks out the FLYING ARMBREAKER!!! Koji-Wagner, and Koji hits a snap overhead suplex for 2. Koji hits Wagner with a planca. Samurai does the same on Tanaka. King hits a springboard planca on Takiawa. In the ring, Koji snaps a rana off on Wagner for 2. Wagner gets a lariat and tries a powerbomb, but Tanaka breaks it up with a dropkick. Koji and Tanaka put Wagner and King in ankle locks at the same time!!!! SWEET. Wagner no-sells the springboard senton and delivers a splash off the top for 2, followed by a crucifix powerbomb for 2. Samurai hits Koji with an INVERTED DDT OFF THE TOP!!! King busts out the triple moonsaults!!!! I love that!!! Wagner gets 2 off that, but Koji gets another falcon arrow for 2 and the Moonsault for 3. Awesome!!!! ****

The 411: BIG thanks to Matt Long for putting this together for me. Head over to wrestletapes.net and get yourself a comp like this RIGHT NOW. You won't regret it.
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Final Score:  10.0   [ Virtually Perfect ]  legend

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