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Randy Orton Confirms He Didn’t Burn Alexa Bliss on Last Week’s Raw

January 4, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Randy Orton Raw Papa Shango

Alexa Bliss is burn-free, as Randy Orton revealed on tonight’s episode of Raw that he did not in fact torch her. Orton appeared early in tonight’s Legends Night episode of Raw and said that last week’s cliffhanger did not end with his lighting Bliss up with his match.

Orton said that while the voices were willing to let Bliss burn, he couldn’t do it because something changed within him when he faced The Fiend at TLC. He noted that he hates himself for showing Bliss restraint and compassion, and teased that he might direct that hate toward some legends. He suggested that he was going to go talk with some of the Legends there tonight remind them why he is the Legend Killer.