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Randy Orton On Why He’s Torn Over Vince McMahon Allegations

February 21, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Randy Orton WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Randy Orton has given some additional comments about the allegations against Vince McMahon, explaining why he’s “torn” over the matter. As previously noted, Orton shared some thoughts on the sexual abuse and sex trafficking allegations against McMahon, and he talked a bit more about it in an interview with the New York Post. You can see some highlights below:

On the allegations against McMahon: “I’ve seen the horrible things online that I don’t want to believe because this man has done so many things for me. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been given second and third chances [in WWE]. I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in now if it wasn’t for that man. So part of me wants to not believe it and then the other part of me understands that he could have done all these wonderful things for me and the business and created this amazing thing that will go on and on well after he’s gone, but on the other hand he’s human and he made some f**king terrible mistakes.”

On waiting to learn more about the allegations: “There’s three sides to every story. Their side, the other side and then the truth. I think a lot more has to come out before I can really speak on any of this. I think that would be the case for any talent that you ask, but I do know about Vince McMahon the man that I’ve known for the past 24 years personally and I owe him for everything he’s done for me. I say that with conviction because I won’t be in this position without a lot of help from him. But if these allegations are true, then it’s some horrible s**t right there. I’m torn. It’s hard.”