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Rapper Smoke DZA Thinks Falling Out With CM Punk & The Elite in AEW Is a ‘Worked-Shoot’

December 14, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
CM Punk AEW All Out Image Credit: AEW

Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, wrestling fan and rapper Smoke DZA explained why he thinks the falling out between CM Punk and The Elite in AEW is all a worked-shoot angle. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Smoke DZA on William Regal leaving AEW strengthening CM Punk’s claims about AEW: “Backstage, nobody wants to listen, everybody feels like they’ve got it all figured out. It’s the separation of, ‘Oh, I’m an AEW guy, and these are just ex-WWE guys, so we’re not listening to you because you’re in our playground’ type of thing instead of everybody just listening to the guys that have 20, 30, 40 years in the business.”

On his belief that this is a big worked-shoot angle: “Also, a weird bone in my body tells me that this is the biggest worked-shoot that we’ve ever seen in wrestling history… Since the [Montreal] Screwjob, and we’re all being worked. And this is some weird roots for somewhere six months down the line, maybe at All Out, where Kenny Omega has the AEW title somehow, and CM Punk just comes out of nowhere. And that just sets the stage for the biggest main event in AEW history.”

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