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Raquel Gonzalez Wants To Become NXT Double Champion, Talks Potential Match With Dakota Kai

July 26, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell

In a recent interview with Fightful, Raquel Gonzalez discussed potentially being an NXT double champion, possibly facing Dakota Kai, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Raquel Gonzalez on potentially being an NXT double champion with singles and tag team gold: “Definitely (I plan on still competing in the tag team division). My girl wants gold. We gotta finish wrapping Dakota (in gold). Personally, I’m loving making history as the first Dusty Classic winner and the first NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion. Why not also be the first NXT double champion?”

On Dakota Kai possibly challenging for the NXT Women’s Title: “[Dakota’s] look was more at Xia Li, she just stepped on her moment. Dakota and I haven’t really discussed jealousy. Every time this topic or discussion comes up, I’m totally open about it. I will say, if Dakota wants an opportunity (at the NXT Women’s Championship), I will gladly give it to her. Why not? She deserves it and has earned it. All she has to do is ask.”

On being surprised when NXT introduced Women’s Tag Team titles: “It was a legitimate surprise. We were pretty excited about it. Dakota and I were like, ‘We didn’t expect this at all.’ We had just won the Dusty (Classic) and had the match with Shayna (Baszler) and Nia Jax (for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles) and, of course, that’s still up for question on how clean the finish was. We were actually thinking that we were going into another opportunity with them or another situation where we could confront them about what happened. Then, we realized, we became the first NXT Women’s Tag Champions. This relationship [Dakota] and I have worked up and grown with over the past year has all come full circle to something that is absolutely amazing for the both of us, especially for me. I know that I wouldn’t be in the position I am if it wasn’t for Dakota Kai. That’s why I say, if she ever want’s an opportunity at the NXT Women’s Title, I would gladly and openly welcome her into the ring with me. That’s how much respect I have for her.”