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Ratings Breakdown for Week 20 of AEW Dynamite vs. NXT

February 14, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported, AEW Dynamite defeated NXT again this week, as the former brought in 817,000 and a 0.30 rating, while NXT earned 757,000 viewers and a 0.24 rating in adults 18-49. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has a full breakdown of the numbers, which you can see below.

NXT reportedly had a slight win in the women 18-49 demographic, with a 0.20 rating versus 0.19 for AEW. Dynamite did gain the lead this week in men 18-49 with 0.41 versus 0.28 for NXT. However, the gap appears to narrowing in the 18-34 demo. AEW only had a slight lead in persons 18-34 with a 0.16 over 0.15 for NXT.

The Observer stated that one thing that might account for the drop in ratings this week is that Cody Rhodes, one of the top ratings draws for AEW, did not appear on this week’s show. He’s scheduled to return next week to face Wardlow in a cage match. Also, Chris Jericho only had a few brief appearances this week, a short interview and the post-match beatdown after the main event with Jon Moxley vs. Santana, and the Observer noted that Santana is not seen as a singles main event level talent yet by the fans.

The Observer speculated that the weaker lead-in for TNT could pertain to some of the drop for AEW this week. The lead-in for this week Pain and Gain, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The lead-in for AEW this week was actually down 42 percent compared to last week. However, trends usually suggest a bad lead-in doesn’t hurt a live wrestling show this much. Per the report, NXT actually won the the first three quarter hours of the ratings battle this week except in the 18-49 demo. AEW reportedly won each quarter hour in the key 18-49 demo this week. Additionally, the report notes that while NXT’s audience faded as the show went on, AEW’s eventually grew.

Both NXT and AEW had stiff competition with a head-to-head NBA game on ESPN, which drew 878,000 viewers and a 0.31 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The NBA also saw a drop in this week’s ESPN rating, going doing from 997,000 viewers to 878,000 and a 0.38 to 0.31, which is actually a comparable drop to what AEW experienced this week.

In terms of other demographics, AEW Dynamite drew a 0.10 in the 12-17 demo, which accounts for a 47.4 percent drop from last week’s 0.19. The show dropped 27.3 percent in the 18-34 demo to 0.16. It finished with a 12 percent drop in 35-49 demo with a 0.44 rating. Its 50+ demo rating was 0.34, which is the same as last week. The primary audience was 68.3 percent men in 18-49 and 70.1 percent men in 12-17.

NXT dropped 11.1 percent in the 12-17 demo with a 0.08 rating. The show had a 7.1 percent increase in 18-34 with 0.15. At 35-49, NXT also increased 10 percent with 0.33. It dropped 10 percent with 50+ with a 0.36. NXT was primarily 58.3 percent male for its audience this week in 18-49. The audience was 72.1 percent male in 12-17.

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