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Raw History: Episode 183 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 60

May 15, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Monday Night War
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Raw History: Episode 183 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 60  

Raw History
Episode #183
November 4th, 1996 | War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana

WWF Champion: Shawn Michaels (1) since 3/31/96
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Marc Mero (1) since 9/23/96
WWF Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart and the British Bulldog (1) since 9/22/96

We open to clips of Steve Austin going nut last week. Kevin Kelly is standing by at Brian Pillman’s home for a live interview with him.

Goldust w/ Clarence Mason, Crush, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Marlena and Mr. Perfect vs. The Stalker w/ Marc Mero, Mark Henry, Rocky Maivia and Sable ended in a double disqualification in 5:27
Yes, you read that right. Rocky Maivia makes his Raw debut accompanying someone to the ring. These are their partners for the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. Steve Austin calls in, still upset with Pillman for turning his interview time into a shrine for Bret Hart. Austin is on his way to Pillman’s house. Lawler mentions that he heard Pillman has a gun but Austin isn’t concerned. The match is nothing and works as background noise for the bigger Austin angle. Commentary finally cares about this when Goldust misses a fist drop. PROMO ~ One of the best promo packages ever airs after a break. It’s a black and video of Austin hyping the Survivor Series matches. I love it so much. The match comes back to everyone brawling, leading to the double DQ. I’m not going to rate this because it was just a lot of nothing but it set up some stuff for Survivor Series at least. And hey, Rocky gets to hit a double cross body off the top.

SURVIVOR SERIES REPORT ~ Dok Hendrix handles this. Mankind vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer in a shark cage is the hyped match. At a recent house show, Dok interviewed Mankind, The Executioner and Paul Bearer. Undertaker interrupts to say his demise was greatly exaggerated and he has a shark cage lowered into the arena with a goddamn mannequin hanging inside.

BRIAN PILLMAN’S HOME ~ Kevin Kelly interviewed Pillman on his couch with his wife standing behind him. Pillman speaks about the injury, saying he will recover in time for a big 1997. Pillman hears that Austin is circling the neighborhood. They ask if he feels like he’s a hostage in his own house. Pillman gives the infamous response, “WHEN AUSTIN 3:16 MEETS PILLMAN 9MM GLOCK.” Oh my god, PILLMAN’S GOT A GUN! We hear Austin is outside and it goes to commercial. Right, because I wanna see Sid and Marlena play Karate Fighters right now. Sid wins by the way. After the break, we go to a live feed of Austin beating up Pillman’s friends outside his house. He throws a dude in a kiddie pool and slams another’s head in a car door. Exciting TV.

The Sultan w/ Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik def. Alex Porteau in 2:09
Not so exciting TV. Sultan totally squashes the Pug and wins with the camel clutch. Moving on.

BRIAN PILLMAN’S HOME ~ Pillman sits ready with his gun and Austin can be heard yelling outside. He starts breaking into the house like a damn horror movie. As Austin enters, Pillman points the gun and the feed cuts out. An incredible angle so far.

Back to the arena, Jim Ross has the ring set up for a debate. He brings out Survivor Series opponents and tag team partners next week, Shawn Michaels and Sycho Sid. JR brings up Sid powerbombing Michaels back in 1995. Shawn has forgiven Sid and brought him back from the looney bin earlier this year. Sid thinks that BS surprisingly. They bring up Sid hitting Michaels last week. The video shows he clearly did it intentionally but he plays innocent here. Vince continues to tease cutting back to Pillman’s house but they don’t have the feed. JR says Sid is the favorite but Shawn says he isn’t in his league. Sid has the excellent comeback of, “YOU’RE RIGHT I’M NOT IN THE LITTLE LEAGUE!” Things get a bit heated with Sid guaranteeing he’ll win. Shawn knocks over the flimsy podium and gets in Sid’s face. Camp Cornette interrupts, complete with Clarence Mason, even though they were arguing recently. Owen Hart attacks Sid from behind with a chair but Shawn runs him off. Shawn holds the chair and Sid thinks he hit him. They argue until Camp Cornette enter and get their asses handed to them.

Fake Razor Ramon w/ Fake Diesel def. Marc Mero w/ Sable in 8:27
As this boring match goes on, Kerwin Silfies, someone on sight at Pillman’s house, calls in. He’s in the production truck and says power went out at the Pillman home. Austin’s car is still in the driveway and there are no police right now. He heard what could have been a gunshot. JR blames Vince for this and they argue. I’m not commenting much on what’s going on in the ring but it’s awful. Fake Razor had no business competing at this level. Mr. Perfect and HHH come out and shove Mero off the top. Razor finishes with his shitty Razor’s Edge. DUD

BRIAN PILLMAN’S HOME ~ After another recap is shown of Pillman with the gun, we see Pillman being held back by his friends. Power has been restored. They don’t know where Austin went. Kevin Kelly says nobody has been shot. Austin returns and Pillman has the gun again. His friends pull Austin out of the house but Pillman demands they get out of the way. Pillman’s wife cries through the chaos as the show ends.

Reliving Nitro
Episode #60
November 4th, 1996 | Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan (2) 8/10/96
WCW United States Champion: Ric Flair (5) since 7/7/96
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (1) since 10/27/96
WCW Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (3) since 8/20/96
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Dean Malenko (2) since 10/27/96

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko introduce the show. STING IS IN THE RAFTERS! Plus, the nWo is in the crowd and staring up at Sting’s position. Eric Bischoff will not be here tonight since he’s in Portland trying to get Hogan/Piper signed.

Marcus Bagwell w/ Scott Riggs def. Brad Armstrong in 7:27
Well this isn’t a hot way to start at all. I mean from a character perspective standpoint because they start rather well in terms of action. They trade arm drags and the future Buff gets frustrated at Brad having counters for everything. The veteran is a step ahead. I guess I was wrong when discussing the crowd potentially being quiet for this due to the characters because they go nuts for Brad picking up intensity. He sends Bagwell packing but eats a slingshot clothesline. Bagwell hits a pescado that comes off nasty and causes Brad’s head to smack the floor. Back inside, Brad scores on a tornado DDT. Both men have had chances to cover, only to play to the crowd instead. They work some very fast stuff off the ropes and Bagwell hits a cross body to win. Better than I expected. Good action with a hot crowd and some teases for Bagwell’s upcoming turn. ***

Diamond Dallas Page def. Ice Train w/ Teddy Long in 6:34
Footage is shown from last week when the Outsiders cheered on DDP. Since it’s a Teddy Long client in the ring, Nick Patrick is the official. You’d think they would just not have Nick officiate these matches to avoid issues. I don’t understand the point of Ice Train’s sequined towel. Anyway, he overpowers DDP in the opening moments. The Outsiders return to watch for about five seconds, then leave. DDP takes control and pounds on Train. DDP gets dropped on Patrick, who sells it like death. Train starts a comeback and gets two on a powerslam. Schiavone says the count was slow but it was consistent with Patrick’s career. Train clotheslines DDP outside and while Patrick checks on him, the Outsiders interfere to assault Train with the Tag Titles. Train NO SELLS it, getting right up after they leave. WHY? DDP hits the Diamond Cutter to a pop for the 1-2-3. Decent match that had good energy and again, I must give credit to the crowd.

SATURDAY NIGHT ~ Jim Duggan vs. Steven Regal, Harlem Heat vs. The Amazing French Canadians and Rey Mysterio meets the Cruiserweight Champion, whoever that is after tonight. Schiavone notes that Saturday Night beats some “other primetime wrestling shows in the ratings.” Ouch.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Dean Malenko (c) def. Scotty Riggs w/ Marcus Bagwell in 3:22
Schiavone notes that Malenko will for sure work on Riggs’ recently healed shoulder. Malenko proceeds to not work it. Syxx is shown in the crowd. It makes sense since Syxx wants the title. Riggs misses a charge in the corner and hurts his shoulder. Now Dean goes after it. After Riggs hits a pescado, he goes up top but Malenko shakes the ropes and he hits the floor hard. Bagwell tosses him back in, where Dean rolls him up to retain. Nothing match that was kind of just there. ½*

LAST WEEK ~ Chris Benoit beat a hurt Eddie Guerrero after a shot with Mongo’s briefcase.

Chris Benoit w/ Woman def. Hector Guerrero in 9:51
Since we can’t have Eddie, they give us the next best thing. Almost instantly, Kevin Sullivan gets an insert promo where he threatens to do stuff to Benoit in a bathroom. Umm, okay. Hector and Chris work at a brisk pace and Hector hits an interesting springboard plancha. Benoit still has the taped shoulder and is in trouble as Guerrero nails a backbreaker. After a break, they continue to trade offense and the clock ticks near hour number two. Benoit gets two on a short arm clothesline. Hector comes close to picking up a surprise win on a few occasions before a Woman distraction gives Benoit a cheap victory. Fun match here that was different from a lot of what we were getting at the time. **¾

We get a recap of the Giant/Jeff Jarrett feud, which has been built around Giant not being able to chokeslam Jeff and the disrespect of Ric Flair.

Mike Tenay interviews Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett and Mongo. Benoit cuts him off to say that the questions should be directed to the real Horsemen. He and Mongo don’t seem too happy with Jarrett. They promise to hold things down until Arn and Ric are back. They leave and Jarrett talks about taking over as the leader of WCW. The cameras catch Sting watching from the rafters. Jarrett says Sting dropped the ball but he won’t.

ON THE ROAD WITH LEE MARSHALL ~ He hypes next week’s show in St. Petersburg.

WCW Women’s Championship Tournament First Round: Madusa def. Reina Jubuki in 3:14
Talk about an obvious outcome. Madusa gets the Nash pyro budget. Reina jumps her before the bell and gains an early upper hand because of it. She does a choke lift, which is impressive. Heenan: “I’ve been picked up by a woman before. Not by the neck though.” Zero, also known as Chigusa Nagayo, walks out with Sonny Oono for a closer look. Oono disses Madusa, saying she’s full of plastic. Madusa comes back to win with a German suplex. The crowd pops big. Match wasn’t much. By the way, Reina is Akira Hokuto under a mask. The finals of this tournament ends up being Madusa vs. Hokuto. Classic WCW. *

Chris Jericho def. VK Wallstreet in 6:47
Every Wallstreet/IRS match includes at least one chinlock and the abdominal stretch where he uses the ropes for leverage. Jericho at his most entertaining couldn’t get something interesting out of the eternally dull Wallstreet. This goes on for far too long, with far too much VK offense. He gets rolled up to end it. When Wallstreet/IRS is finally off these shows, I’ll be much happier. ¼*

Nick Patrick and his legal representation are interviewed but Jericho interrupts to say Patrick isn’t hurt and works for the nWo. Interestingly, the lawyer makes a note of Jericho’s “walls tumbling down.” He references Jericho’s hockey player father. Teddy Long interrupts to cut down Patrick, so the legal rep brings up Teddy’s past as a crooked referee. Teddy stammers and can’t respond, so Jericho says they’re not talking about past issues and focusing on the now. I wish Patrick did his own talking. He’s much better at it than the lawyer.

Lex Luger def. Booker T w/ Sister Sherri in 5:55
This is a rematch from last week when Luger got counted out for following Sting into the stands. Luger gets an insert promo, demanding a face to face with Sting to discuss things with him. Luger hits a suplex and SCREAMING CLOTHESLINE! After a break, Luger nails a powerslam but then eats a hot shot. Booker takes over with some kicks but misses one and crotches himself. It looked nasty. SCREAMING CLOTHESLINES! He signals for the rack only for Booker to block it. Robert Parker comes down while Booker gets in some offense. He cost Harlem Heat the titles at Halloween Havoc, so Booker wants a piece of him. It allows Luger to roll him up and win. Luger brought energy, it advanced the angle and the crowd was hot.

Eric Bischoff calls in to discuss the negotiations to set up a Piper/Hogan match. He has bad news, saying there are issues getting it set up. For some reason, he doesn’t know if it’s money or scheduling, but something is holding it up. They have called it the “match of the decade” way too often tonight.

HALLOWEEN HAVOC ~ We get the recap of Roddy Piper arriving at Halloween havoc to interrupt Hulk Hogan yet again.

Hulk Hogan, Giant, Vincent and Ted Dibiase are out for the main event promo. He gets the spotlight and throws some weak verbal barbs at Ted Turner. Hogan plugs his upcoming film before closing the show by posing. Eerily similar to last week.

Raw Rating: 2.3
Nitro Rating: 3.4

The final score: review Good
The 411
Raw: Sports entertainment at its finest. Yes, the wrestling on this show is bad but in terms of entertaining me, I was hooked. The Pillman/Austin angle was the most controversial thing done in the Raw era up to this point. It was great character work from both Austin and Pillman. The Shawn/Sid segment was good too. This kind of laid the groundwork for what upcoming episodes would be like during the Attitude Era. The wrestling takes a backseat to the storytelling and we get sent on a wild ride.8.5

Nitro: A good week for both shows but things about Nitro bugged me. Replaying the entire Piper interview from Halloween Havoc felt like a waste and the constant talk of “match of the decade” was something the WWE would do in the current era. I had to sit through VK Wallstreet again, which was shit. I did enjoy the opener and Benoit/Hector and I liked that they started a Women’s Title. The DDP/nWo stuff was intriguing too. Kudos to the crowd for staying hot all night.6.0


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