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Raw History: Episode 257 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 137

October 30, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Monday Night War WWE WCW Raw Nitro
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Raw History: Episode 257 and Reliving Nitro: Episode 137  

Unforgiven 1998 Results
Faarooq, Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman def. The Nation of Domination in 13:07 [**]
WWF European Championship: Triple H [c] def. Owen Hart in 12:38 [**¼]
NWA Tag Team Championship: The New Midnight Express [c] def. The Rock n’ Roll Express in 7:20 [¾*]
Evening Gown Match: Luna Vachon def. Sable in 2:36 [¼*]
WWF Tag Team Championship: The New Age Outlaws [c] def. LOD 2000 in 12:23 [¾*]
Inferno Match: The Undertaker def. Kane in 15:57 [***]
WWF Championship: Dude Love def. Steve Austin [c] via DQ in 16:52 [***¾] 

Raw History
Episode #257
April 27th, 1998 | Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia | Attendance: 7,512

WWF Champion: Steve Austin (1) since 3/29/98
WWF Intercontinental Champion: The Rock (2) since 12/8/97
WWF European Champion: Triple H (2) since 3/17/98
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (2) since 3/30/98
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: TAKA Michinoku (1) since 12/7/97

LAST NIGHT ~ Highlights from Unforgiven opened the show.

Your Raw hosts were Jim Ross and Michael Cole.

EARLIER TODAY ~ Ugh. This is the infamous night where DX prepared to invade WCW as Nitro was being held about fifteen minutes away in Norfolk. They were all decked out in fatigues and had a big bazooka and tank. It was a cool idea at the time, but WWE aired this a ton in the past few years and it’s not that special of a segment.

We’re supposed to get The Rock and Mark Henry against Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock here. Though the bell rang to start the match, nothing came of it. Shamrock wanted to get his hands on the Rock, so Owen allowed him to start. Instead, Owen kicked him low and hit a spinning heel kick. The Nation joined in on the beating and they stomped a chair onto Shamrock’s ankle. Steve Blackman ran out to help but got jumped. While that happened, Owen slapped on the Sharpshooter and you could clearly hear a snap as he wrenched back on Shamrock. It was an added in sound effect, but was still cool. Faarooq also tried helping only to take a beating. The heel turn was smart because Owen lost all momentum from December by this point and was always better as a heel. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Who needs wrestling? Next up, we’ve got another segment. Dude Love was back to host the Love Shack, but had some girls in bikinis with him this time around. He spoke about Unforgiven and used a lot of 60s and 70s lingo. Dude insinuated that Austin tried to take the easy way out to save his title, including the blatant chair shot Austin gave to Vince. Dude had some suggestions for the WWF Title. One was to bring back Shawn Michaels and have him face Dude for it, one was to start a tournament where he’s the #1 seed, and the last idea was to strip Austin of the title and put it on Dude.

DX INVASION ~ Right outside of Nitro, DX got WCW fans to say Eric Bischoff and the company sucked. They also zoomed in the “free admission” sign. Yikes.

Mr. McMahon arrived.

Number One Contender’s Match: The Headbangers vs. Scorpio and Terry Funk
Hey, an actual match! Winner gets a WWF Tag Title shot. Loud “ECW” chants for a bit until Headbangers took over. The highlight here was a Funk moonsault to the outside that took everybody out. Scorpio followed it with a less impressive plancha. The teams brawled inside and Tim White got tired of their shit, disqualifying both teams at 3:16. Kind of a mess, but at least one fun moment. [½*]

The brawl continued after the brawl, including Scorpio hitting a moonsault and laying on Mosh for a pin. The Headbangers then hit him with a superplex/splash combo. They really wrestled like the match was still going. I don’t get it.

DX INVASION ~ X-Pac shouted out Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

WWF REWIND ~ Dude Love taking a ROUGH bump onto the concrete last night.

Vince McMahon came out to address the crowd. He said he sustained a mild concussion last night and that Austin was aiming for him with the chair shot, not Dude. Vince said he wasn’t going to fire Steve Austin yet, because he has other plans. Instead, Austin must defend the title against Goldust tonight. And who will be the special referee? Gerald Brisco. If Austin touches Brisco at all, he’ll be fired on the spot and stripped of the title. In Vince’s mind, even Goldust is a more fitting champion.

DX INVASION ~ WCW closed their gates as DX neared them, avoiding any confrontation. I say this was a mistake on WCW’s part. Let them in. See what they do. They’re not going to win a legit fight with your whole locker room.

Bradshaw vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Tennessee Lee
The match barely got started when it all went to hell. Bradshaw was beating Jarrett up until Club Kamikaze hit the ring and jumped him for a DQ at 1:14. [NR]

Michael Cole said this made no sense. Club Kamikaze beating on TAKA did because “they’re all from Japan,” but not Bradshaw. TAKA ran out to help but got beat up as well. Also, there was a new Club Kamikaze guy with a mask.

Backstage, Dude Love was pissed about Goldust getting the title shot. He wore tie dye and beat Austin like Vince wanted, yet he’s not getting the shot. He confronted Vince, who instead threw Kevin Kelly out and demanded the camera go off.

Non-Title Match: WWF Tag Team Champions New Age Outlaws w/ DX vs. The DOA w/ LOD 2000 and Sunny
To mock the DOA, the Outlaws showed up on scooters. The Outlaws played the overmatched role in this one. They sold and bumped around for their larger opponents. Billy Gunn got to hit his trusty piledriver, but then the DOA guys pulled off twin magic. That led to Billy getting pinned for the finish at 3:36. I love the bald Bellas. [¾*]

WAR ZONE! Jerry Lawler replaced Cole.

Barry Windham vs. The Undertaker
This would’ve been a big deal in their primes. Instead, Undertaker hit a chokeslam and Tombstone and won in about a minute. Okay. [NR]

Post-match, Undertaker called out Kane to finish things. Even though he beat him at WrestleMania. And last night. He said he could wait an eternity for him. But, we only have another 45 minutes or so. Kane was kind enough to wait until after the break to answer. Paul Bearer shouted that this needed to stop because Kane was supposed to get his revenge and hasn’t. He bled last night and looked up to see Kane on fire again. Bearer didn’t want to see his son burning. This was supposed to be a big reveal that he was Kane’s dad, making Kane and Undertaker into half brothers. However, it barely registered with the crowd.

During an interview, Goldust was attacked by Dude Love.

A pissed off Triple H, flanked by Chyna and X-Pac, offered a shot at the European Title to anyone, especially a DOA member. 8-Ball or Skull showed up to answer, only for Jim Cornette and Dan Severn to rush past. Dan in his suit running to kick Triple H’s ass was amazing. For some reason, Cornette tried to stop Dan from competing. It made no sense. Dan agreed and took Cornette down into a submission. DX bounced, wanting no part of the Beast.

Backstage, Steve Austin ranted about his title defense tonight. He said it didn’t matter how you stack the deck against him, because he’ll kick anyone’s ass.

VIGNETTE ~ Val Venis said good things don’t come in small packages as he apparently got road head from some random chick.

Marc Mero brought out Sable to chastise her for embarrassing him last night and losing. Sable said she liked what happened because the world got to see her body. She said it was time to stand on her own and put Mero in his place. Sable challenged Mero to a match in two weeks, giving her time to prepare.

WWF Championship: Steve Austin [c] vs. TAFKA Goldust w/ Luna Vachon
I guess Dude Love’s attack on Goldust didn’t do much. Brisco was the official, but Vince showed up to take a seat at ringside. Brisco played up the idea that Austin hitting him would be a major blow to Austin’s career. He counted quickly for Goldust, slowly for Austin, and goaded the champion in, daring him to hit him. The match was mostly Goldust getting in dull offense, Austin showing fire, and Brisco being a jerk. Austin hit the Lou Thez Press, only to end up in a sleeper. He used a low blow that Brisco couldn’t see to escape, and then hit the Stone Cold Stunner. Brisco took forever to count and acted like he had something in his eye before counting three. Dude Love rushed out and clotheslined Austin. No DQ got called, but nothing else happens related to the match. Call it 7:17 or so. [*½]

The fight between Austin and Dude spilled to the outside. As they fought, Brisco got in between them. Vince went to hit Austin with the WWF Title, only to miss and clock Brisco, busting him open. Austin took his title back and celebrated to close the show.

Reliving Nitro
Episode #137
April 27th and 28th, 1998 | Norfolk Scope in Norfolk, Virginia | Attendance: N/A

WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hulk Hogan (4) since 4/20/98
WCW United States Champion: Goldberg (1) since 4/20/98
WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Outsiders (5) since 2/22/98
WCW Television Champion: Booker T (2) since 2/22/98
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chris Jericho (3) since 1/24/98

Apparently, this was a Nitro that aired on Monday and Tuesday due to NBA Playoff games or something. Hour one was on Monday and the next two aired on Tuesday.

HOUR NUMBER ONE! Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Larry Zbyszko hosted.

NITRO GIRLS! As they danced, Alex Wright appeared for the first time in months and stole the spotlight with his dancing. Security took him away.

Kevin Nash and Randy Savage walked down to the ring to the nWo theme to start the show. Nash did his own version of the survey. He said he hung out with Scott Hall recently, who had a Pina colada and looked “perfect.” Nash introduced Savage as the newest member of the Wolfpac. They then tossed some threats to Bret Hart for his attack last week. Konnan was brought out as the next defector from Hogan’s side of the nWo and now a member of the Wolfpac. Konnan cut one of his typical promos and basically just said it was an honor to be with these guys.

VIGNETTE ~ Special look at Juventud Guerrera. Chris Jericho took his mask, but can’t take his pride. He will never quit.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Jericho [c] vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. w/ Eddie Guerrero
Before the match, Jericho said he made Juvi quit last week. He brought out the portrait of Dean Malenko again, offering up an interview. He called him the second best wrestler around and congratulated him on his new fry cook job. The match itself saw Chavo get in some decent shots, but submit to a Liontamer in a quick 1:52. Eddie got knocked off the apron when Chavo dropkicked Jericho into him. Eddie got into Jericho’s face after the match, only to turn and chastise his nephew. [NR]

SUPERBRAWL ~ We see Juvi lose his mask.

LAST WEDNESDAY ~ Buff Bagwell’s major injury on the Steiner Bulldog gets shown.

Commentary explained that Buff underwent neck surgery today and they’d have an update on tomorrow’s show. Buff did suffer paralysis over the week. Bobby Heenan replaced Zbyszko for the rest of this hour.

Time for the new World Champion, Hulk Hogan, to show up with Eric Bischoff and the Disciple. Tony Schiavone made note of how this show has been sold out for months, while the show down the road (Raw) couldn’t give their tickets away. Anyway, Hogan ran down Savage for being past his prime and said he could find a hundred Konnans as hobos on the street. Ouch. Hogan said Bret did what he did because the nWo is where the power lies.

WCW United Stated Championship: Goldberg [c] vs. Scott Norton
We’re at 76-0. Norton stood right up to Goldberg. Tenay wisely noted how this was Goldberg’s first match against the nWo. Goldberg hit a spinning neckbreaker to a huge ovation. They brawled like two brutes should, before Norton hit the SHOULDERBREAKER! Goldberg kicked out and Norton tried an arm submission, keeping the pressure on it. Goldberg powered out, hit he Spear, and the Jackhammer to win in 2:48. Perfect booking. A hoss fight until Goldberg won. [***]

Mean Gene brought out Bret Hart for some answers. Bret’s first note was to praise this as the house that Hulk Hogan built. He said wrestling is full of pimps and dogs and brought up Savage crying about what happened. Bret added that Savage doesn’t have what it takes to beat him so the challenge for Slamboree is useless. Bret promised answers if WCW could get him and Hogan face to face in the ring, basically promoting Tuesday Nitro. That’s basically how this episode ended.

Episode two! Larry Zbyszko is back on commentary.

Chris Benoit vs. Disco Inferno
Commentary spent a good chunk of the match talking about how Disco called himself a future icon in this business, which they considered an insult to Roddy Piper. Why can’t the guy have confidence? He did manage a surprising amount of offense in a match that went longer than expected. Benoit won with the headbutt and Crippler Crossface in 5:30. [*½]

VIDEO PACKAGE ~ We got a hype video for Jericho, clearly paid for by Jericho, as it praised him a ton.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Jericho [c] vs. Psicosis
More Jericho! He came out to Dean Malenko’s theme song and did his wrist movements on the way out. He had his hair tied up to look short and cut a promo mocking Dean. Commentary discussed the idea that Jericho could one day take Psicosis’ mask like he did to Juvi. They had some solid exchanges until Jericho went for the Liontamer. He awkwardly stood on the ropes to wait for a Psicosis dropkick, which came off ugly. Jericho then countered a super rana to win with a deep Liontamer at 5:10. Other than the botch, it was decent. [**]


The Barbarian w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Rocco Rock
What the hell is this? Hugh Morrus came down quickly, as did Johnny Grunge, setting up a big brawl that led to a tag match. [NR]

The Barbarian and Hugh Morrus w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Public Enemy
I think this ended up as a Street Fight or something. They used trash cans and other weapons with no DQs called. Jimmy Hart got involved, but had no effect on Public Enemy. Jimmy got saved from going through a table, causing Morrus and Rocco to do so. Barbarian ended Grunge with the Kick of Fear at 4:43. A hot mess. [¾*]

LAST WEDNESDAY ~ Randy Savage cut a promo bashing Hogan and Hart.

VIGNETTE ~ We got a special look at Juventud Guerrera again.
Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman
Schiavone attempted to hype Juvi as having a message of “never give up.” HUSTLE.LOYALTY.RESPECT. Anyway, Juvi went high risk early and ate an avalanche powerbomb for a near fall. That was a big move for a meaningless match. Juvi rallied and used the Juvi Driver/450 Splash combo to win in 3:53. They kept it short, but crammed a lot into the space. It was fun. [**¾]

Members of the Flock hit the ring and beat up Juvi for his win.

Mean Gene introduced Alex Wright, who returned to dance with the Nitro Girls last night. Wright gave no real info on his return. He just said he was on vacation in Germany and then began dancing. Security took him away, even though he was out here for an official WCW interview.

WCW Television Championship: Booker T [c] vs. Eddie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero
Two future WWE Hall of Famers. Commentary mentioned the time limit as soon as this started, making me think we’d get another cheap draw. Eddie wore down Booker, choosing to work a slower style than usual. It makes sense against a bigger opponent like Booker, but doesn’t make for a compelling match. In surprisingly easy fashion, Booker came back and won with the Missile Dropkick at 4:31. Big disappointment from these two. Felt like something off a house show. [*¾]

HOUR NUMBER THREE! Technically, it’s hour two of night two, but whatever. Heenan replaced Zbyszko.

LAST NIGHT ~ The Bret Hart promo was shown again.

Marty Jannetty vs. Saturn w/ Kidman
This was a total squash. Thanks to his name value, Jannetty got in a superkick and fist drop, but that’s it. Death Valley Driver finished him at 2:15. [NR]

Mean Gene brought out Diamond Dallas Page for an interview. They discussed how DDP got personal with Raven on Thunder. DDP promised to get more personal tonight by “BANGING” him. Uh, what? Out came Kidman and Sick Boy when DDP called out Raven. They said Raven couldn’t make it tonight but he has a special video for DDP. It was just your typical Raven promo ranting about DDP’s past. It set up DDP hitting the Diamond Cutter on Sick Boy. Kidman ran off but returned while DDP celebrated in the crowd. A fan jumped in and clotheslined Kidman over the top, causing security to hop on him. Spoiler: It was Kanyon, setting up an angle I forgot about.

WCW United States Championship: Goldberg [c] vs. Jerry Flynn
Huge pop for Goldberg. Spear, Jackhammer, pin and Goldberg moved to 78-0 in 0:48. [NR]


Brian Adams, Konnan, and Scott Steiner w/ Vincent vs. The Giant, Lex Luger, and Sting
WCW’s top guys against nWo’s B Team. This was our technical main event and it went about the way you’d expect. The nWo guys were mostly overmatched, though Steiner did quite well. Each WCW guy who got into the ring was given a huge pop. The fans truly reacted to Steiner against Luger, as if Luger was enough of a powerhouse to match up with him. Luger did his loud offense, but dickhead Konnan cut off the SCREAMING CLOTHESLINE. Luckily, he got to take out two men with one SCREAMING CLOTHESLINE and Konnan was one of them. Seeing the end in sight, Brian Adams simply left. His teammates were confused, but did the same, leaving Vincent to eat a Chokeslam. I guess this was a countout finish in 6:35 or so. It was just here to get the faces over. It worked in that regard.[*½]

Time for the big Bret Hart interview. He said nothing until Hulk Hogan came out, which happened shortly after. Hogan was joined by Bischoff and Disciple. Bret and Hogan came face to face, with Bret saying he always respected him. Yea, I’m sure you did at WrestleMania IX. Before Bret could get to the details of why he wanted Hogan to be champion, out came Randy Savage to level him. Hogan and Disciple got involved, holding Savage so Bret could hit him. Bret revealed a Hogan shirt before doing so.

Raw MVP: Owen Hart
Nitro MVP: Goldberg
Nitro LVP: Bret Hart

Raw Rating: 5.7
Nitro Rating: 1.7

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Raw: A solid enough episode, even though it’s held in far too high esteem these days. The DX stuff mostly wasn’t that funny, though it was a wild sight to see back in the late 90s. Austin/Dude got further build, but Kane/Taker is dragging on. I dug the hell out of the Owen turn, while the rest of the undercard stuff was kind of just there. 6.0

Nitro: While it wasn’t as hard to get through as a lot of other Nitros, there wasn’t a lot going for this. The US Title and Juvi matches were fun, while Jericho was a blast, but that’s about it. The Bret/Hogan/Savage situation is dull, DDP/Raven was nothing special this week, and even usual safe bets like Benoit, Eddie, and Booker did nothing of note. 4.0


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