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RAW Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 01.18.93

July 9, 2009 | Posted by Trace Aber
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RAW Retrospective: Monday Night Raw 01.18.93  

WWF RAW Episode Two
January 18, 1993
Live from the Manhattan Center
Hosts: Randy Savage, Vince McMahon, and Rob Bartlett
Approx. Run Time: 38 minutes

We kick things off with McMahon, Savage, and Bartlett standing ringside and hyping up tonight’s show. Bartlett rips up a picture of Bobby Heenan and proclaims that we should fight the real enemy. I still hate Rob Bartlett, but that’s almost clever. Repo Man then attacks Randy Savage and runs off with his hat. Turns out he was the real enemy.

“Terrific” Terry Taylor Vs Mr. Perfect
Pretty good crowd reaction for Perfect, very little for Taylor. Some trash talking starts things off, though Perfect outsmarts Taylor with a drop toe hold when he goes for a grapple. Perfect toys with Taylor who complains to Hebner. Savage comes back at this point in the match and complains about his hat. Perfect continues to outsmart and anger Taylor with a couple of slaps. Taylor gets a couple of chops in the corner but gets a hip toss and dropkick for his trouble. Taylor runs to the outside and Perfect chases him but then they cut to Savage talking about his hat. Back in the ring, Perfect gets a headlock takedown that gets a couple close falls. Taylor fights his way up but gets a shoulder tackle and a couple of corner chops. Heenan calls in and complains about Bartlett ripping up the picture and says if he wanted the announcing job, he would have it but he is busy with other projects. Savage continues to complain about the hat. In the ring, Perfect and Taylor exchange reversals and dropkicks until Perfect ends up with an arm lock leading to break. When we come back, Taylor throws Perfect out and smashes his face against the steel barricade. Taylor hits a jaw breaker and follows up with a few kicks to the head. Taylor keeps control with a backbreaker for two. Both men stand to their feet which gives Perfect the chance to hit a couple of hard rights but Taylor rakes the eyes and applies the chin lock. Perfect gets back to his feet, hits a couple of elbows, runs the ropes, and gets a spinebuster from Terry. Taylor goes for the gutwrench powerbomb which gets two. Looked kind of nasty. Taylor wins a slugfest until Perfect remembers this is a squash match and hits what Vince called the “Ringading.” My new favorite move name. A BIG atomic drop and sitting snapmare from Perfect follows, until Flair comes out to distract Perfect. The two brawl on the outside with Flair getting the better of it before tossing him back in the ring. Taylor goes for a suplex but Perfect reverses it into the Perfectplex for 3 at 8:11! (**) Not a bad match, though I was surprised to see Taylor get so much offense. Oh my, how squash matches have changed.
Winner: Mr. Perfect

Vince McMahon is in the ring and introduces Bret Hart, who will be defending his WWF Heavyweight Championship against Razor Ramon THIS SUNDAY at the ROYAL RUMBLE! Bret says he doesn’t mind it when Ramon talks bad about him, but when he jumped Owen and “beat him like a dog,” all respect goes out of the window. Hart also takes offense to Ramon threatening to hit his 78 year-old father, calling him the “lowest scum in the World Wrestling Federation.” Vince asks if the match will be a technical match or a brawl, and Bret says he’s throwing the rule book out the window. Bret has a thing about windows tonight. Ramon will find out why Bret is the WWF Champion – he’s the toughest, meanest, and best.

Marty Janetty vs. Glen Ruth
Ruth would later be known as Headbanger Thrasher, and he looks quite different here. Ruth offers a handshake, which Janetty accepts. Ruth then attacks from behind but his lead doesn’t last long as Janetty hits a bulldog from the top. Janetty uses a couple armbars as HBK calls in. Janetty hits a clothesline as Michaels says he was the better wrestler of the Rockers and Marty is nothing but a “simpleton.” More armbars from Janetty leads into a suplex. HBK, still on the phone, talks about how Sensational Sherri will do whatever he says because she’s a woman. He means WHATEVER. I kind of miss the phone interviews during matches. It gave you something to pay attention to during an otherwise boring squash match. Ruth takes control with some armbars of his own, but that doesn’t last long as Janetty reverses it into, what do you know…an armbar. In the corner, Janetty unleashes with a flurry of fights and whips Ruth into the turnbuckle, causing him to crumble. More riveting armbars follow until Ruth can hit a couple of shoulder tackles, but he gets caught in the rocker dropper for 3 at 5:12. (*) Talk about a one-move match.
Winner: Marty Janetty

Vince puts over Doink’s destruction of Crush on Superstars. Crush accepts a flower from Doink, and then he gets his brains bashed in from a fake arm. They question whether or not Crush will be able to make it to the Royal Rumble. Bartlett shows us how serious this situation is when they come back to live TV by eating beef jerky.

Outside, Sean Mooney interviews Repo Man who cuts a promo on Randy Savage, though half of the time you cannot hear him because he won’t stay in the microphone. Savage threatens a “Monday Night Raw Hangover” to the Repo Man – all over a hat. And you thought a shampoo commercial was a dumb reason to wrestle. Honestly though, did anyone ever look at Repo Man and think, “There’s the next big star”?

Ric Flair Vs “El Matador” Tito Santana
Crowd is pretty divided right now. They circle around for a second, lock up, and Tito gets a headlock and follows through with a shoulder block. They lock up again with similar results. Flair charges but gets slammed and a headlock takedown for his troubles. Tito gets a two on the headlock and holds on for a while despite Flair’s best efforts. Flair tosses Tito off, but gets another shoulder block. Tito hits a clothesline and dropkick before locking in another headlock as he cut to break. We come back with Flair going for a roll-up, though Tito kicks out. Flair hits an eye rake and some punches in the corner, leaving Tito dazed. Flair gets in an argument with the ref as Vince says Flair has problems with authority figures. He would be gone the next week – odd how that works. A knee drop leads to Flair yelling at Savage or Vince. I know it wasn’t Bartlett because Flair’s too good for him. Santana hits a backdrop to take control again, but is too hurt to follow up immediately. He keeps control though and hits eight corner punches and for some strange reason stops. Tito gets raked in the eye but throws Flair off the top when he climbs. Flair gets tossed into the turnbuckle and he does a Flair Flop to the outside of the ring. Santana tosses Flair back in the ring who begs him off, but instead he gets a backdrop and a running knee lift. Santana hits a flying forearm and is getting some momentum but Flair uses that momentum to send Santana flying to the outside. Perfect rushes down the ring and attacks Flair and the two brawl until they are separated by security. I assume this means a DQ around the 6:00 mark. (*1/4) I expected better from these two, and the finish didn’t help things at all.
Winner: Ric Flair (DQ)

We come back from break with Flair and Perfect still brawling. Flair runs away and challenges Perfect to a loser leaves town match next week at Raw. Not surprisingly, Mr. Perfect accepts.

Outside, as the show comes to a close, Repo Man steals Rob Bartlett’s car. Great, that means he’ll be there next week.

The 411: Much better show than last week, though it's obvious they were still trying to figure out just what to do with the show. This week leads to the classic Flair Vs Perfect match, though I'm not terribly excited about Repo Man Vs Savage. They did a good job putting over the Rumble though, and that should have been their biggest concern.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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