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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Angel Garza Flirts with Charly, Shelton Benjamin Credits MVP, More

July 27, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Angel Garza Charly Caruso Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 07.27.20

-The build to SummerSlam is off and running and as expected it will be Orton next for McIntyre. That should be fun actually and makes the most sense. The close to RAW was not earth shattering, but again gets us to where we know we are going. With RAW over that means it’s time for RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined for a second week in a row by R Truth. She immediately brings up that Truth was unsuccessful in winning the 24/7 Title from Shelton Benjamin tonight. Truth says he is feeling good and isn’t going to let that bring him down.

-They discuss the ending of RAW and we see Randy Orton hit Drew McIntyre with the RKO to set our SummerSlam Main Event. Truth says that Orton is a different animal right now and thinks he is off his rocker.

-Our first guests are Angel Garza, Andrade, and Zelina Vega. Tensions are running high between Charly and Zelina, but Charly says she is happy for Zelina’s clients. Angel immediately breaks out the moves as he moves his chair to the other side of the desk so he can sit next to Charly. She is pleased with him moving next to her. Zelina takes a shot at Charly and then mentions that Charly called Truth a loser. Truth is confused as he says he zoned out for a minute, but isn’t sure she called him a loser. Charly gets things back on track as she talks about their tag title match at SummerSlam. Angel is kind of rough on the mic, but shows like this will help. Zelina covers well and you can see why she is the mouthpiece for the team. Zelina puts herself over as the best manager in the business and a future Hall of Famer. Charly brings up that for weeks Angel and Andrade have been on different pages. Angel continues to flirt with Charly and that’s where he shines on the mic. Zelina says there is no time for games and she isn’t happy with the flirting. Andrade spouts “tranquilo” and Truth tells him that he doesn’t drink. Fantastic! Charly brings up The Street Profits and asks what strategy they have for them. She has asked that question before on this show and got shut down and the same happens here as Zelina tells her they aren’t stupid enough to give away their strategy. Angels tells Charly he will let her know later and she gets all flustered. Truth calls them out for the flirting again. Charly brings Jada Pinkett Smith up and Zelina asks if this is an entanglement. This has kind of gone of the rails but it’s great! Angel gives Charly a rose as he takes his leave. I love this dynamic! Charly tells Truth that she was sweating a little bit. This was shades of Talking Smack when guests would try to mess with Renee. Charly did wonderful here.

-Nia Jax is next and asks if Charly is in an entanglement with Angel. Charly doesn’t want to answer that and just wants to hear from Nia about what’s she doing. They discuss Shayna and Nia brawling and not really having their match. Nia is tired of hearing the word dominant. She calls herself a dangerous, bad ass bitch and she isn’t going to hide it. Charly wants to know Nia’s real thoughts on Shayna. Nia says she doesn’t think about Shayna. She has stepped in the ring with Rousey and went blow to blow with her and didn’t hear of Shayna until she made the main roster. She puts over that she tossed Shayna all over the ring. Charly asks what’s next and both Truth and Nia say Charly should talk about what she is doing with Angel. Nia has given enough information and Truth agrees with her. Charly thanks Nia for coming and Truth says there isn’t much else to asks other than “what’s your address.” This is the Truth I wanted last week! Nia leaves and Truth tells Charly she digs around too much.

-Our final guest is Shelton Benjamin. Of course he is the 24/7 Champion and this could be fun with Truth being right there. We go back to last week where Shelton wins the 24/7 Title and joins up with MVP and Lashley. Truth keeping his eye on the 24/7 Title is a fantastic character touch. Truth questions if Charly set him up for this. Truth brings up he has had to deal with entanglements tonight and now he wants his baby back. Shelton tells him there is a Chili’s right down the road and asks how he likes his ribs. Brilliant! Truth likes mesquite, but he wants his Title back. Charly is losing it listening to these two. Shelton tells Truth that if he took care of his baby better than it would still be his. Truth is still annoyed that Shelton is on the show. Shelton brings up he won the title face to face and didn’t have to hide under cars to surprise someone. Shelton talks about MVP and how he has opened his eyes. His career hasn’t been on the path he wanted recently, but MVP reminded him who he was. He reminded him what’s most important. Apparently it’s not the stanky leg and Tik Tok and Charly loses it again. Just give me all the off the wall craziness with this show!

-Truth mentions that Shelton is running with shady people. Shelton doesn’t want to hear any of that noise and cuts Truth off. He is the 24/7 Champion and Truth is not. Charly asks about the ninjas and Shelton isn’t sure what their deal is. Truth asks Charly if she has ever had her children taken? Shelton talks about how everyone loves Truth including himself, but that doesn’t mean anything. He used to want everyone to like him and he did the cool moves but that just got him a 10 year championship drought. Shelton isn’t going to be the champion that hides. He will knock out anyone and Truth says what he did when he had the title was a strategy. Charly wraps up the show and we are out as they continue to talk about Chili’s.

-This was easily the best episode since this show returned as they have found a format that works for them. Truth was great here and Charly is coming into her own with hosting this show. Again, this was easily the closest this show has ever come to feeling like an episode of Talking Smack. Thanks for reading!

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