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Renee Paquette Always Knew She’d Return To Wrestling, Feels Better Backstage In AEW Now That She Works There

November 26, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Renee Paquette AEW Image Credit: AEW

Renee Paquette recently discussed her return to the wrestling industry for AEW and how it feels different backstage now that she works there. Paquette appeared on AEW Unrestricted and talked about signing with AEW, how she feels better backstage now that she’s not just visiting and more. You can see the highlights below:

On if there was a moment where she decided she wanted to return to wrestling: “I don’t think that there was ever a moment where I thought that I wasn’t gonna be back in it, you know? I felt like that door was always very much so open and like, wafting in the the wind for me. Where I was like, ‘When do I step back into that.’ So I really never felt like that door was closed. I think it was just a matter of when. And yeah, it’s like mentally wrapping your head around that too of ‘Okay, we’ve got a kid now. How do you travel with a baby? When do we travel with the baby? Do we have a nanny? It’s just all those other factors that, it’s not just about me and my schedule by a long shot anymore. So it’s like really trying to factor all those things in. And I still don’t have an answer to all of those things, so that’s a learning as we go kind of thing.

“But you know what, I’m really lucky, obviously having like such support at home. We’ve got tons of help, lots of extra helping hands whether it’s my mom, John’s mom. We’ve got no shortage of extra hands to help us out while we figure all this stuff out.”

On how it feels backstage as someone working as opposed to visiting: “It feels so much better. It’s really nice to go to a wrestling show and like, just be a fan and hang out. But I’m neurotic, and I’m like, ‘I should be working. I should be doing something.’ So I always felt like — I don’t want to say out of place because I mean, any of that feeling is obviously completely on myself, not on anybody else making me feel that way. But I’m so used to being at a wrestling show and working, and being busy and being useful. So to be there and just be hanging out was like a little off for me.

“So now that I’m actually in there and working, it’s funny, I feel like my first day — because normally like when I’m there I’m just kind of like hanging with John, I’m following him around, seeing what he’s doing. So now it’s like, ‘All right, deuces! I’ll see you at the end of the day.’ He goes to gett his day up and running, and I go off to do my thing. And yeah, it’s really nice to just sort of feel I guess — I don’t wanna say that independence of being there, but just like I guess, the usefulness of it. I didn’t like the feeling of just like hanging out.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit AEW Unrestricted with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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