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Renee Paquette on a Possible Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley Match in AEW

September 18, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jon Moxley Minoru Suzuki AEW All Out

– Speaking to The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Renee Paquette discussed her husband Jon Moxley potentially facing Bryan Danielson in AEW. Paquette and her cohost, Miesha Tate, were on to promote their new SiriusXM radio show, Throwing Down. Below are some highlights.

Renee Paquette on a possible Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley match in AEW: “Now that that storyline is already kind of going in that direction, I think that’s what people want to see. People have been able to see Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose. We’ve never seen ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley, at least not for a very, very long time. So that’ll be cool.”

Renee Paquette on Miesha Tate possibly appearing in WWE: “I actually feel like that’s a little bit, not that it’s surprising, because I think as more MMA fighters want to transition into the world of wrestling, to add fuel to a little fire here, obviously, we’ve seen Ronda [Rousey] in WWE. Miesha, I’m just saying, there’s that opportunity there. It’s right there. The storyline is already there already.”