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Renee Young On If Her WWE Career Was Affected by Jon Moxley’s Jump, Talks Being At AEW All Out

September 17, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Renee Young

Renee Paquette, the former Renee Young, appeared on the Saturday Night’s Main Event podcast and discussed attending All Out, whether Jon Moxley’s AEW jump affected her in WWE and more. Paquette was in WWE for over a year after Moxley exited WWE in April of last year and subsequently moved over to AEW and she said that she was worried people might treat her differently, but didn’t really feel that. She also discussed the experience of being at All Out earlier this month; you can check out the highlights and full audio below.

On being at AEW All Out: “Yeah, I mean so I’ve been to shows with Jon before. But it was very much, you know — I obviously never made a big deal about it. I wasn’t posting any like, photos or tweeting about it or anything. I’m just sort of just being respectful. Everybody, I’m not looking to kick up some dirt anywhere. Because you know it’s gonna end up everywhere, and it’s gonna seem like it’s a big deal, and blah blah blah. But it was nice to just be there. And it didn’t matter if somebody took a photo of me there, or you know, I tweeted at MJF and it was like, ‘Ooh, s**t, it’s going down!’ So yeah, it was fun to just just sort of be able to participate.

“But what’s funny there is, I’ve realized when I’m there that I’m like, ‘Oh! I’m just Jon’s wife when I’m here.’ When normally when I was at WWE together, we were both there doing stuff. So when I’m there, I just feel like I’m like a doting wife, which is fun. It’s funny though.”

On if Moxley going to AEW affected her career in WWE: “So you know, I actually thought it was gonna be weirder than it was. And maybe I just sort of had my head buried in the sand about it. Because both Jon and I, when we were both at WWE together, it’s not like we were this couple that was like rammed down people’s throats or anything. When we walked through the door, we went in and did our separate jobs. And then we’d meet each other in the car after and make our way onto the next town.

“So, I didn’t think there would be any real effects, because I just figured I was valued for my own skill aside from him being there. And I do think that I was. But yeah, it was like once he left, it was sort of like waiting for like, ‘Okay, are people gonna treat me different? Am I gonna — or are people gonna start being weird towards me?’ And I really didn’t feel that way. I don’t know if it was more like a slow burn of feeling that happen. It wasn’t like an overnight thing, I don’t know. It might have been nothing.”

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