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Report of The Miz’s Appearance on The Conan O’Brien Show

February 28, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit James Caldwell and pwtorch.com

WWE wrestler The Miz appeared on TBS’s “Conan” talk show Wednesday night to promote WWE Studios’s “The Marine 3” and WrestleMania. At least on paper.

After a very excitable Miz and Conan went back and forth in the second interview segment of the show, Miz realized he was nearly out of time to promote his leading role in the Marine movie and WM29 on April 7.

Miz noted, “Vince McMahon will be very upset if I don’t promote…eh…” before trying to spit it out the words on what he was trying to promote. Conan filled in for him, then fed to a clip of Marine 3 featuring Miz’s Marine character shooting the top villain, played by Neal McDonough.

After the clip aired, Miz very excitedly recapped the scene and got into character. Conan motioned, “Coo-coo,” off-camera, causing Miz to excitedly explain himself again. Conan signed off as Miz looked for the last word.

During the meat of the interview, Miz talked about his MizTV talk show. Conan acted surprised that Miz got his own show, leading to Miz saying, “I did. Jealous?” before letting the question linger. Miz then continued his streak of getting any audience to turn against him by claiming that Conan’s audience will laugh no matter whether Conan delivers a good or bad joke. After the crowd booed, Miz noted WWE audiences boo him all the time if his jokes fall flat.

Miz also noted that his MizTV set is trashed “at least once a month.” He explained to Conan that his guests fight each other, then sometimes he fights his guests. “Fighting equals ratings,” Miz said. Conan quipped that he would like to fight his guest right now, prompting a mini-showdown after Miz and Conan stood up for a mid-segment confrontation.

Before discussing MizTV, Miz recapped his bit at WWE’s international house shows where he speaks the native language. (This used to be his way of getting heat before he tried to turn face.) After Conan ribbed Miz for insulting the local people by trying to speak their language, co-host Andy Richter chimed in, “Patronizing is an international language.”

At the start of the interview, Miz noted he just got engaged, but did not mention his fiancee, former WWE Diva Maryse, by name. Conan also pointed out that Miz’s attire was a bit over-the-top, saying he wanted to play tic-tac-toe on Miz’s suit.

Earlier in the show, an ad for WWE Studios’s “The Call” aired. Also, a 10-second spot for The Rock’s “The Hero” on TNT aired just before Miz’s interview.

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