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Results From Brian Knobbs’ Legends of Wrestling Show: Ken Anderson Defeats David Arquette

April 22, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ken Anderson Wrestling Ken Anderson’s Image Credit: TNA

Brian Knobbs’ Legends of Wrestling promotion ran a show in Fraser, Michigan on Saturday, which featured a match between Ken Anderson and David Arquette. Here are the results, via PWInsider:

*Palmer Cruise defeated James Alexander.

*Ric Flair cut a promo welcoming everyone to the show and put over his memories of wrestling in Detroit, specifically mentioning the University of Michigan.

*Airwolf and El Angel Dorado defeated Rylie Jackson and Brandon Gore.

*Tito Santana pinned Andrew Anderson.

*Cowboy James Storm defeated JT Tapia. Storm’s beer drinking gimmick got over big live and he was over.

*Ken Anderson pinned David Arquette in a match that had been the crux of local promotion on radio and social media in the weeks leading to the show. Arquette had also appeared on the local FOX affiliate to promote the show. Before the match, Anderson cut a heel promo, knocking Arquette and his WCW title run as a disgrace to pro wrestling. Arquette’s wife accompanied him to the ring and the forthcoming documentary on his return to pro wrestling was filming. This was said to be an entertaining bout with Anderson getting the win. He continued beating up Arquette until Booker T hit the ring for save, hitting the Bookend. Arquette then nailed a Diamond Cutter on Anderson and celebrated with Booker.

*Zoey Skye defeated Nevaeh.

*The Brooklyn Brawler (who actually lives and runs an indy promotion in the Detroit
area) defeated Marco Cordova with a small package.

*Rohit Roju of Impact Wrestling’s Desi Hit Squad hit the ring and cut a promo knocking Michigan and specifically the University of Michigan and Scott Steiner. He noted that Steiner put him in the Steiner Recliner on Impact and if anyone from the Steiner family was here, he would knock them out. This brought out Rick Steiner, who laid him out and put him in the Recliner and made Roju tap.

*Bret Hart came to the ring for a promo but was interrupted by The Dirty Blondes from MLW, Drew Sipila (a Ken Anderson student) and manager Anthony Lucassio. They knocked Hart and said they were tired of the legends They threatened Hart, bringing out The Nasty Boys and Jacob Fatu (the son of The Tonga Kid) to defend him. This leads to a six-man Michigan Street Fight with Fatu being the highlight athletically. Andrew Anderson and Rohit Raju hit the ring, which led to Hacksaw Duggan and Rikishi coming out (to Duggan’s theme song) to clean house. Rikishi and Brian Knobbs each gave Stinkfaces to the heels. Bret Hart is brought back out and joins the babyfaces to salute the audience and send everyone home happy.

Notes: The show drew in the area of 2,500 fans, running a little over two hours….Dave Penzer was the ring announcer and hosted a pre-show VIP Q&A…The event was promoted by the Beasley Media Group Detroit (Radio), so several local DJs and radio personalities…..Ken Anderson and Hacksaw Duggan’s wife Debra were heavily involved in producing the show….The VIP meet and greet/Q&A featured Ric Flair, Bret Hitman Hart, Booker T, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rikishi, Ken Anderson, Tito Santana, Rick Steiner, Brooklyn Brawler, The Nasty Boys, James Storm and David Arquette…There was also a tag team bout featuring students from Anderson’s Minneapolis Wrestling Academy.

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