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Results of Unaired Matches TNA Taped in July (SPOLERS)

October 7, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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– As we all remember, TNA taped a lot of content back in July, much of that was originally though to be for the One Night Only PPV series. Earlier today, it was reported that TNA will be running a World Title Series to crown a new champion. In that series, wrestlers will be divided into eight groups to begin round-robin group play. Here is the listing of results from those tapings. The results do not give away the groupings of the series, but are obviously spoilers…

* Drew Galloway defeats Bram
* Matt Hardy defeats Davey Richards
* Awesome Kong defeats Madison Rayne
* Austin Aries vs. Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) – Time Limit Draw
* Brooke defeats Gail Kim
* Kenny King defeats Aiden O’Shea
* DJ Z defeats Tigre Uno
* Bobby Roode defeats James Storm
* Tyrus defeats Chris Melendez
* Robbie E defeats Eddie Edwards
* Manik defeats Mandrews
* Jessie Godderz defeats Crimson
* Mahabali Shera defeats Crazzy Steve
* Drew Galloway defeats Grado
* Eric Young defeats Bobby Roode
* Bram defeats Rockstar Spud
* Rockstar Spud defeats Bram
* Lashley defeats Mr. Anderson

* Bram defeats Grado
* Austin Aries defeats Mr. Anderson
* Lashley defeats Drew Galloway
* Matt Hardy defeats Robbie E
* Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards – Time Limit Draw
* Bobby Roode defeats Abyss
* Tigre Uno defeats Mandrews
* Eli Drake defeats Jessie Godderz
* Gail Kim defeats Madison Rayne
* Eric Young defeats James Storm
* Aiden O’Shea defeats Crazzy Steve
* Mahabali Shera defeats Kenny King
* Lashley defeats Austin Aries
* Manik defeats DJ Z
* Matt Hardy defeats Eddie Edwards
* Micah defeats Crimson
* Davey Richards defeats Bram
* Drew Galloway defeats Rockstar Spud
* Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) defeats Mr. Anderson

* Ethan Carter III defeats Davey Richards
* Lashley defeats Matt Hardy
* Gail Kim defeats Awesome Kong
* Eric Young defeats Kenny King
* Tigre Uno defeats Manik
* Mahabali Shera defeats Aiden O’Shea
* James Storm defeats Abyss
* DJ Z defeats Mandrews
* Ethan Carter III defeats Lashley
* Jessie Godderz defeats Awesome Kong
* Matt Hardy defeats Eric Young
* Mahabali Shera defeats Eli Drake
* DJ Z defeats Manik and Tigre Uno
* Jessie Godderz defeats Micah
* Mr. Anderson defeats Crimson
* Eddie Edwards defeats Rockstar Spud

Credit: CageMatch.net