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Revolution Pro Results 4.13.2017 – The Elite Main Event In Six-Man Tag

April 14, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Credit: Martin Bentley and PWInsider

Revolution Pro Wrestling held “Epic Encounter 2017” on April 13th at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London. The security at the building was thorough following a stabbing at a boxing event at the venue a few months ago, leading to some fans not getting in until after the first match started. The delay also led to the show finishing after 11pm, which led to problems for a lot of fans getting home, despite the next day being a public holiday.

1: #CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) defeated Martin Stone & Sami Callihan to retain the Revolution Pro Wrestling British Tag Team Championship – a really fun match, very similar to the South Pacific Power Trip vs. JML match from PROGRESS in Orlando which Banks and Callihan were also involved in. Lots of double team moves and brawling outside the ring. #CCK retained with their pop up Lungblower and a senton by Brookes on Stone. After the match, Callihan turned on Stone, saying that he had turned soft and mediocre after his stint in NXT, where as Callihan had become one of the best wrestlers in the world.

2: Jay White defeated Angelico – it took a while for the fans to warm up to the match, but it was well worked and hard fought. White kicked out of Angelico’s buckle bomb, and fought out of a super one starting from the top rope to lock Angelico in the Lion Tamer, submitting him.

3: Hirooki Goto (w/Will Ospreay) defeated Zack Gibson – Gibson got nuclear heat from the fans at York Hall for his opening promo, and for a lot of the contest, fans were more anti-Gibson than they were pro-Goto, but as the match went on, fans started getting behind Goto. Gibson got frustrated at being unable to put Goto away, and went to hit him with a car stereo, but Will Ospreay stole it from him at ringside, allowing Goto to win with the GTR.

4: Hiromu Takahashi defeated Marty Scurll – until the main event, this was by far the most charismatic match of the show, with Takahashi’s off-kilter demeanour proving more than a match for Scurll’s Villain persona. The fans were split 50/50, with their energy helping the match be even better than it already was. Takahashi battled his way out of the Chicken Wing and put Scurll away with the Time Bomb in a really good match.

5: Josh Bodom defeated Will Ospreay to win the Revolution Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship – Ospreay entered the match with a back injury that required lots of tape, which Bodom targeted for most of the match, including a nasty spot on the ropes. Ospreay’s adrenaline carried him through the latter stages of the contest, but Zack Gibson got involved in retaliation for Ospreay’s involvement in his match, leading to Bodom hitting the Bliss Buster to win his third Cruiserweight Title.

6: James Castle defeated Sha Samuels in a No Disqualification Match – the fans went against the intended face/heel dynamic, getting behind Samuels against his former tag team partner. Samuels hit a moonsault to the outside of the ring, and also got a great reaction when he bodyslammed referee Chris Roberts. After Castle got the win, Samuels attacked him and cut off Castle’s green mohawk.

7: Zack Sabre Jr. defeated KUSHIDA to retain the Revolution Pro Wrestling British Heavyweight Championship – Sabre Jr. has upped his aggression since his heel turn in New Japan, making him a more vicious wrestler and improving his game even further. Some great counters from both wrestlers, with KUSHIDA continually working on Sabre Jr.’s arm to go for the Hoverboard Lock. Sabre Jr. eventually retained the title with a Prawn Hold, but the match could easily have gone either way, and KUSHIDA put on another impressive showing in the UK.

8: The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Lio Rush, Ryan Smile & Shane Strickland – The Elite, Kenny Omega in particular, were massively over; they stated after the match that they broke a record for their merch sales at this show. It was worked a lot like a big PWG six man match with everyone flying about the place and a lot of comedy spots, including Omega and the Young Bucks “accidentally” low blowing and eye gouging each other at one point, and everyone in succession missing easy moves. Of course many Superkicks were hit in this match. Rush, Smile and Strickland were entertaining in their own right, but this was the Elite Show, and they got the win with a Double Meltzer Driver to send the fans home more than happy.

There wasn’t a return date for York Hall announced at the show, but the next show in London will be on May 7th at the Cockpit Theatre, featuring Kyle O’Reilly vs. Marty Scurll, which is already sold out. Tickets are on sale for another Cockpit Theatre show on June 4th.