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Rey Mysterio Reveals Secret to His Career Longevity

March 13, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rey Mysterio Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio discussed the secret to his career longevity in a recent interview. The WWE veteran talked about the length if his career during his conversation with Complex, and a couple of highlights are below:

On his career longevity: “I’ve learned throughout the years how to adapt and make things exciting for my fans, so I can still be Rey Mysterio but not putting so much pressure on my body. I go back and watch a lot of old videos just trying to study how I ended up with so many knee surgeries, especially on the left one, because my right one is surgery-free. But I’ve learned to adjust, how to make things exciting. I don’t do things that I know are going to hurt me, but I can still do things that keep fans up on their feet.”

On ‘bumping flat’: “Yeah, “bumping flat” is actually a good way to put it. Anything that I do where I land on my knees or use a springboard motion to jump or hop, will eventually wear on me. Any move where I have to push off or land flat on my feet will affect my knees eventually. I’ve gotten away from all of those things and keep it exciting in my own way.”

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