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Rhea Ripley On Her History With Self-Harm As a Kid, WrestleMania 36 Match

April 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rhea Ripley WWERaw 21020

Rhea Ripley spoke with the New York Post for a new interview promoting her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania and discussed her history with self-harm growing up, plus more. You can check out highlights below:

On the time in her life when she used to cut herself: “I still feel myself slipping there from time to time, but I find that if I do look at the scars that I have from that time it helps me to remind myself that I’ve been through all of this and I was able to overcome it. And I think that that’s really special in the way that I know that I can keep going and keep doing what I love and I have people in my life that are going to help me overcome whatever I need to overcome at that point in time. … I have fans there for me and I’m legitimately working the job I dreamt about since being a child and I have to remember that sometimes.”

On her match with Flair at WrestleMania: “To be knowing that I’m going to WrestleMania 36 to face Charlotte Flair and put my NXT championship on the line is just absolutely insane. I’m so, so excited. Man, I’m going to be in tears afterward. I know it.”

On being trolled about her look online: “Especially being a punk and all that, I love my look and I don’t care if someone doesn’t like it. I really couldn’t care less because I know that I’m being me and that’s what I’m trying to put forward. I’m trying to put forward that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and they should be happy being themselves.”

On holding WrestleMania amid the COVID-19 pandemic: “We are definitely taking every precaution that is necessary because we don’t want anyone getting sick, but we also want to entertain everyone while they’re stuck at home.”

On keeping herself busy during the pandemic: “We’ve been going there and doing stuff or we’ve been going to the park and kicking the soccer ball around while staying far away from people because 10 is a crowd at this time. But we’ve just been trying to do anything we can, like park gyms. We wipe them down and they’re good to use, but it’s been difficult for sure.”