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Ric Flair Says He Has A Good Relationship With Tony Khan, Still Grateful To WWE

August 11, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ric Flair Ric Flair's Last Match Image Credit: FITE TV

In the latest episode of his To Be The Man podcast (via Fightful), Ric Flair said that he still has a good relationship with Tony Khan following recent comments he made. Flair had noted that Khan forced some changes to the card for his last match, but he didn’t mind that. He also spoke out about criticism that he was ‘kissing WWE’s ass’ when he thanked them for putting him back in the signature intro on WWE TV. Here are highlights:

On criticism for praising WWE: “Somebody telling me, somebody with no social media, telling me my social media, said, ‘Why are you kissing the WWE’s ass for putting you back up on the screen? I said, ‘Because I’m thankful they did.’ Who doesn’t want to be on the opening of RAW or SmackDown, or on the opening of every pay-per-view? What wrestler wouldn’t wanna be there? I will continue to kiss the WWE’s ass because Ashley works there and because they’ve given me a life I would never have had. So the WWE, I didn’t get mad at WWE. I wanted to pursue other interests. They were paying me a lot of money. I asked for my release, not to go anywhere else, not to do anything else.”

On Tony Khan: “At the same time, the guy said to me, ‘You’re kinda like burying Tony Khan.’ I said how am I burying Tony Khan? Tony Khan’s a man. I’m allowed to say that the card changed as a result of decisions he makes as the owner of the company. By the way, I got the nicest text from Tony Khan in the world, congratulating me on explaining why he wasn’t there, so whoever’s worried about me, I’m not gonna mention his name, my relationship with Tony Khan is great. I think my relationship with WWE is great.”

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