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Richard Holliday On The Importance of Social Distancing, How the Dynasty Is Faring During MLW’s Shutdown, Keeping Fit at Home

April 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Richard Holliday

Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, MLW star Richard Holliday shared his tips for social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how the Dynasty is doing during MLW’s shut down. Of course, right now the coronavirus pandemic is on everyone’s mind and it’s caused cancellations of almost every major wrestling show. That includes MLW, who announced the suspension of live events on March 15th.

Holliday talked about the importance of following social distancing guidelines — and exceeding them in one case — as well as how he’s keeping in shape at home and why it’s bringing the Dynasty closer together than ever. Highlights and the full podcast are below:

On how the Dynasty is handling things while MLW is shut down: “Well, the Dynasty does a group Facetime every single night just to stay relevant with each other. And I think that we’re actually getting closer as a unit, which is scary. So that’s what we do, you know. We just discuss what’s going on. We still discuss branding and marketing, and you know, how we can improve upon the Dynasty. You know, the little improvements that we could even possibly fathom making. But that’s what we’re doing currently, so we’re staying relevant with each other which, in these times, is very important.”

On what his routine is like under quarantine: “Well, it’s a lot of working out. It’s a lot of coffee. It’s a lot of studying, it’s a lot of marketing, it’s a lot of branding. It’s a lot of everything that you think I would be doing. So my life really isn’t changing all too much. I’m just avoiding society maybe a little more than I typically do.”

On keeping fit at home: “Yeah, I mean I literally look fantastic. My body is in prime condition right now. And you know, all I need is a nice ’91 Hogan tan and I can get on TV immediately. But yeah, of course I’m very fit, I’m very functional. And this will not affect me. I will say this, this will affect a lot of people. When shows start popping up across the country, you’re gonna see a lot of people who used to be kind of sort of in shape, and now they’re just gonna be fat. And that’s gonna be because of this virus, because they got lazy and because they couldn’t be creative. Because they didn’t know how to push their body. That is the last thing you have to worry about with me.”

On his tips for social distancing: “Well, social distancing is incredibly important. And what I would do is, I would stay in your houses as much as you possibly can, don’t interact with anybody, utilize technology to the best that you can, i.e. Uber Eats, GrubHub. There’s plenty of apps out there where you can actually order your groceries. Stay eight feet away from people. The government is telling you six, go the extra mile. Stay eight feet away. Wear gloves, wear a mask. Sanitize. Do your part. Because my economy right now is not doing well. The economy is taking a huge hit. And it’s because of all the people who are not listening to social distancing, and not staying calm. Listen to the doctors, listen to the government officials, and we’ll get through this. This economy will bounce back, and we’re gonna be fine. And that’s my honest opinion.”

In the full interview, Holliday discusses the Dynasty’s victories and winning over the “consumers” at MLW vs. AAA Super Series, the group’s feud with Mance Warner, what it’s like to become the faces of MLW, his plans to turn Major League into Dynasty League Wrestling, if he would be open to adding more members to the Dynasty, his tips for social distancing and much more.

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0:00: Introduction
1:07: On how the Dynasty is handling MLW’s shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic
1:56: On the Dynasty’s successful title defenses at AAA vs. MLW Super Series
3:02: On MLW and Savio Vega’s claims he stole the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
3:36: On Mance Warner spitting beer in his face and costing him a win against Blue Meanie on MLW: Fusion, Warner being jealous of the Dynasty
7:07: On Warner’s challenge to MJF to an Empty Arena Loser Leaves Town challenge, what MJF thinks of Warner
7:45: On what’s next for the Dynasty, potentially setting their sights on MLW Heavyweight Title
8:45: On how it feels like to be turning into the faces of MLW
10:08: On his routine currently under the current pandemic, keeping fit at home
13:12: On if he feels he won over the fans during his match at AAA vs. MLW Super Series
14:22: On if he has any tips for consumers about how to better practice social distancing like the Dynasty
15:28: On the Dynasty taking control of their careers and their own destiny, being the “needle movers” of MLW
17:13: On recruiting Gino Medina and if he would be open to other people joining the group
18:16: On where fans — sorry, consumers — can find him online

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