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Ricky Starks On His Favorite Wrestling Video Games

September 26, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Ricky Starks AEW

In an interview with Fightful, Ricky Starks spoke about his love of playing wrestling video games and how he’d feel about appearing in a video game in the future. Here are highlights:

On playing wrestling video games: “Absolutely, but not like a hardcore thing. I had the No Mercy, all of the SmackDown games for the PlayStation and I played the Royal Rumble for Dreamcast. I loved wrestling games when I was younger. Every Christmas, that’s what I would look forward to, just staying up and playing all night. SmackDown: Just Bring It, no lie, I used to play from 12 AM to 8 AM, just playing that because we used to do presents at midnight. Brings back so many memories.”

On possibly being in a video game himself: “That to me is the same feeling as to when I have an action figure. I think I have to see that before I can let any feeling kick in. I’ve seen people make Create-A-Wrestlers online for me and those are really cool in and of itself. To have an official game, an actual video game model, dude, just thinking about it. I don’t know. I have to see it first but I think it would be really cool regardless.”

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