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Riddick Moss Explains His Betrayal to Mojo Rawley on Raw

February 11, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Riddick Moss Mojo Rawley Raw

As previously reported, Riddick Moss pinned Mojo Rawley to capture the WWE 24/7 title. After Raw, WWE released a backstage video segment where Moss commented on the title victory.

Riddick Moss stated, “Mojo was great. I learned a lot from Mojo, but I learned all I can from Mojo. Riddy Mo had to leave Mojo in order to spread my wings and truly grow and fulfill my potential. This is great for the 24/7 brand. This is great for Riddy Mo’s brand. It’s win-win. Oh, and I’m the best athlete that’s ever held this thing, ever. 24/7, 711, Waffle House, I’m open 24 hours. Come get some.”

Needless to say, Mojo Rawley was not happy. He wrote on Twitter, “First, you lose the match for us. Then, you sneak me while I was checking on your health. But worse than that, you fled with the title like a sissy. Looks like the 24/7 Title is the Cowards Championship once more. Target is on your back now @riddickMoss. @WWE #RAW”

Moss replied with a tweet of his own. He stated, “Thank you for all you taught me Mojo. It was a great run. I learned all I could from you. It was time to move on. The 24/7 Championship is in a better place now.” Later on, Moss added again on Twitter, “On the night of his first match on #RAW, Riddy Mo wins a WWE Championship. Straight up Legendary.”

You can check out Mojo and Riddy Mo’s Twitter exchange and Moss’ post-match promo segment below: