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Ring Ka King Results 04.22.12

April 22, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Report by Darshan Chokhani & Wrestlezone

Show opens with RDX in the ring where Jarrett says in two stages he will burn down the Ring Ka King. First will be a 10-men tag team match between RDX & 5 wrestlers of RKK team. The other match will between him & Harbhajan without any referee’s, even his RDX team won’t be at ringside.

Match 1 (10-men Tag Team match): RDX (Danda, Dutt, Abyss, Steiner & Magnus) VS RKK (Morgan, Jackson, Parinda, Chavo & Veera)- Interesting thing to note was all the RDX wrestlers while entering on camera were saying, “Isiah Cash do your job.” Before the match could begin there was big brawl inside and outside the ring everywhere. Finally, the action was back in the ring and it was indeed a great match. Quite similar to what we use to see in a 10-men matches. Veera took the win for his team..

Outside- Angelina & Zoravar brings Yamamotoyama in the tempo which Zoravar gifted Angelina. Ram tries to interview them but unable to.

Match 2: Jarrett VS Harbhajan- Jarrett comes in with his guitar while Harbhajan comes with a wicket. Jarrett is not wanting to fight Harbhajan at all, he tries to leave but Yamamotoyama comes in and puts him inside the ring. The RDX team comes in but Yamamotoyama stops them. Harbhajan is charged up, they had few blows and Jarrett is about to give up but soon the lights goes off and when it comes back the RDX team is in the ring with Harbhajan down. The RKK teams come and chases the RDX team out. At the ramp we see, Isiah Cash with all the titles and the RDX teams runs out of the building with the titles indicating that there cannot be any matches without the titles. Harbhajan is livid and says he will find Jarrett and beat him to hell and with this the episode and season of Ring Ka King ends.


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