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RJ City Explains The Similarity Between Wrestling and The Muppet Show

August 25, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

RJ City has always seen a similarity between professional wrestling and The Muppet Show, and he recently explained the comparison. The independent wrestler appeared on the New Day’s Feel the Power and talked about how growing up he didn’t see them as particularly different as they were both variety shows and “shows about shows” where anything can happen.

Discussing the similarity between the two, he said (per Fightful), “I would answer by saying, isn’t it all the same thing? To me, it was wrestling and The Muppet Show when I was a kid and they are, in my opinion, the exact same thing. It’s a show about a show. Everyone has their own character, their own kind of acts, you know, Gonzo is going to do a certain kind of thing. Fozzie is going to do a certain kind of thing, and there’s always the assumption that nothing will go according to plan.”

He continued on to say, “In both shows, watch Raw, not one thing that they say is going to happen will happen peacefully or without incident. It’s always implied that there will be an incident. Of course, I mean, when they had the guest hosts, a really became the same thing to me. So I don’t see any difference in our world and I want everyone to join hands so I can bring them all together.”

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