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RJ City Recalls Getting a Bad Cappuccino From Courteney Cox

December 21, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Courteney Cox may know how to evade a slasher in a Ghostface mask, but RJ City says her cappuccinos leave something to be desired. The indy wrestling star recently spoke with Fightful, and during it he discussed his friendship with David Arquette, who was married to and maintains a friendship with his fellow Scream star Cox.

During the discussion, City recalled how he once ended up met Cox when he and Arquette were teaming, and you can see the highlights below:

On meeting Cox: “Speaking of Scream — Courteney Cox made me the worst cappuccino I’ve ever had in my life. Me and David did a show when we were teaming. Then he got put through a table by Bully. I think his back hurt and had to get it adjusted. He’s like, ‘Oh, we have to go by this guy, it’s by Courteney’s.’ So I met her.”

On the cappuccino incident: “Again, like on the Zoom call, I immediately started apologizing. She’s like, ‘Do you want a coffee? I make a great cappuccino.’ I don’t drink cappuccinos, but if you’re gonna hang it over my head, ‘I make a great one,’ you know what I mean? So, let’s see how great it is. She’s making it and halfway through she goes, ‘Oh, fuck.’ ‘What?’ ‘Oh, this thing. I don’t know how to—‘whatever. It tasted like wet cardboard and she should be embarrassed. She should never tell anyone she even has a coffee machine it was so bad.”

On Cox’s reaction: “She was apologizing immediately. Then of course, I need a good cappuccino. It was horrible. It was a waste of my time. She, months later, blamed the coffee machine. She’s like, ‘I got it fixed now. So, whenever you want.’ So, now I gotta go to her house and have a cappuccino, which I don’t even want.”

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