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RJ City Recalls Pitching Andre the Giant Segment To WWE

May 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
RJ City AEW Hey (Ew) Image Credit: AEW

RJ City recently discussed a segment he pitched for WWE involving Andre the Giant while talking about the different between pitching to AEW and WWE. City, who hosts the weekly Hey! (EW) YouTube series for AEW, appeared on The Sessions with Renée Paquette and talked about pitching ideas to the two companies.

“Let me say, the main difference is everything I’ve pitched with AEW that’s been discussed has gotten on and has gotten made,” he said (per Fightful). “Easily. I’m two for two. With WWE, I was like two for forty. There was stuff that would get very close to happening and be done, and we’re ready to go. Then it just doesn’t. That place is like the city, you know? One of the things I had there that I was dead set on doing, was a segment called Is Andre The Giant Hot? Because there are some pictures of him where he’s a beast of a man but then other pictures, he’s like hipster looking and he has a little camera and he’s in Japan and I was like ‘Hey, oh my god’. It would be me and a guest and we would shuck through pictures of Andre The Giant.”