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Road to All Out Episode 7: Adam Page Says He Has to Win, Young Bucks Preview Ladder Match

August 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Road to All Out Episode 7

– The latest episode of Road to All Out is online, previewing a couple of the matches for the AEW’s big August 30th PPV. You can see the video below, as well as a recap.

The episode kicks off with Lexy Nair talking about how we’re only ten days away from the show. She hypes up the ladder match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Bros, and recaps the feud starting with the Bros’ attack on the Bucks at the Las Vegas press conference. She talks about their Double or Nothing match and then the All Out bout before cutting to comments from the Bucks about the match.

Matt talks about how the Lucha Bros are one of their one of their greatest rivalries ever, and that they usually have an advantage because of their chemistry as brothers. However, the Lucha Bros are real-life brothers too, so they don’t have the automatic advantage. He says they need to find a new way to beat them, and the Bucks put Pentagon’s charisma and Fenix’s craziness over. Nick says that he believes in their catchphrase that they are fearless, but they point out that they’ve never been in a ladder match with the Bucks. Matt says there’s no way to prepare for this match and that it’s the Lucha Bros’ style of ladder match. Nick says they have to hit a grand slam and that the Bucks prevail when the stakes are highest.

We then cut to a highlight video of Private Party and Jack Evans & Angelica, who will face off on The Buy In pre-show, before Jim Ross interviews Adam Page. Ross puts over how important his match with Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship is, and asks if it’s too much for Page at his young age. Page says people might see Jericho with his experience and fame as the ideal person to come out on October 4th at AEW on TNT’s debut as champion, but that AEW was built by “people doing some cowboy s**t” and by fans who wanted something different. He says that he’s that person. Ross asks how Page is preparing for Jericho, and Page says you kind of can’t. He says he grew up watching Chris Jericho who doesn’t have many weaknesses. He says that the one weakness Jericho has is that he’s physically desperate for the championship. Page says he doesn’t want it; he needs it. Ross asks if it bothers Page being the underdog, and Page says that he doesn’t at all and has spent his whole life being the underdog. JR notes that Page’s parents will be there, and Page reflects on what this means to him. He says they haven’t been on a plane in 15 years, but he’s putting them on a plane and putting them in the front row.

When Ross asks what Page’s message for Jericho is, Hangman replies, “This one night. This is history, it only happens one time. I get one chance. If I lose this, am I gonna go back to the tobacco farm? This is what I’ve got. This is my opportunity. If Jericho loses, he can make another Fozzy record. He’ll be fine on his AEW contract. This is my opportunity. This is the only opportunity I might get. I would do anything — I would do anything to win that championship, because I have to. In front of my family, the fans that have followed us for years and years, I have to win this.”

If you use any of this recap, please credit AEW with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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