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Road Dogg Says The Hardcore Title 24/7 Rule Went “Too Far”

June 5, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
WWE hardcore title Image Credit: WWE

On his most recent Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast episode, host Brian “Road Dogg” James shared his perspective on WWE’s Hardcore Championship (per Wrestling Inc). Dogg expressed his dislike of the 24/7 Rule, stating that the gimmick undercut the significance of the title. You can find a few highlights from Road Dogg and listen to the full episode below.

On how the rules change lessened the prestige of the title: “Now we’ve gone too far. It totally lost its luster. … When they went away from the violence of it is when it went away, you know what I mean? That’s what it was. And look — from a business standpoint, especially now that it’s a publicly-traded company, it’s just crazy to have too much of that going on all the time, you know what I mean?”

On the value of strategically utilizing hardcore competition reules: “I totally could make the argument [not normalizing] the hardcore stuff for corporate responsibility reasons. Also, you know, people ain’t going to pay for that all the time. And I think some people will, and there will be a spot for it, and it’ll utilize it at the right times, and it’ll mean something then.”

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