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Road Dogg on How John Cena Handled Losing to Kevin Federline

October 1, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
John Cena Ruthless WWE Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent edition of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg discussed the match between John Cena and Kevin Federline, aka K-Fed, on the January 1, 2007 edition of Monday Night Raw. Below are some highlights WrestlingInc.com):

Road Dogg on Kevin Federline beating John Cena: “Well, I’d rather [that had not] happened. That was another David Arquette moment for me. The good part about it was it was during Kevin’s 15 minutes of fame, but he never truly had that fame, you know what I mean? Truth be told, this was probably the biggest moment of his life. … I just think this one didn’t hit good.”

On how Cena felt about the match: “It’s business. He was asked to do it. It might’ve been his idea because that’s how John Cena works. He thinks about the bigger picture, he has a vision. Look, mission accomplished.”

Federline picked up the win over Cena after Cena got knocked out by Umaga during the match. You can see a video of the matchup below: