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Rob Gronkowski on Ronda Rousey Appearing on Game On!, Why He Signed Onto the Show

May 28, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Rob Gronkowski Smackdown

Rob Gronkowski spoke with FOX News discussing Ronda Rousey appearing on Game On! and more. You can see highlights below:

On Rousey appearing next week: “It was pretty cool when Ronda Rousey was a guest on one of the episodes and she was on my team. And just to see, you know, throughout her career what she did for the UFC — she literally took that and made that a women’s sport. And she put it on the pedestal of where the men’s UFC was.”

on Rousey: “She brought women’s UFC to a whole new level [and] into a whole new respect. And just to be that badass, and just to be able to go out there and whoop anyone’s butt like she was doing was just spectacular. So it’s just cool to just see her come in and you’ve got to be polite to her because she’ll whoop any one of our butts, so it was just super neat, super cool. And you could just tell that she has that competitive side to her [and] that she’s always ready to go, which is pretty neat.”

On why he signed to do Game On!: “I took off a couple of months for sure where I didn’t do anything and I was getting that itch to compete. I was getting that itch to join a family, and the show felt like a family out there. I mean, from Keegan to Venus to Bobby to Ann to James being part of it – to all the producers. That’s what it’s all about.”