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Rocky Johnson Discusses People Not Labeling The Rock

February 4, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Rocky Johnson, the father of the Rock, recently spoke about the way he used to carry himself, and that it is a reason that people do not label his son. Here s what he had to say…

“I wouldn’t demean myself. I spoke articulately. I told people I was a great athlete and told all the kids – white and black – that they needed to eat right, study and listen to their parents. I proved that white people would cheer for a black man who was portrayed as their equal. Not only did I get over in the South, but I did so on my terms.

No one ever talks about the color of Dwayne’s skin/ That is what makes what I did so important to me. I like to think I proved a wrestler’s skin color doesn’t matter. I’m glad my son doesn’t have to be labeled black or Samoan or mixed. He has instead been labeled as the best.”

Credit: Tampa Tribune

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