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Rocky Romero Recalls Tony Khan’s Promo On Nick Khan, Says It Was ‘Smart Marketing’

January 11, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eric Bischoff Tony Khan AEW Dark Elevation Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan famously cut a promo on Nick Khan in 2021 over reports of NJPW and WWE working together, and Rocky Romero thought it was a smart move. Romero recently spoke with Fightful for an interview and talked about the promo, which was posted to Twitter and saw Tony say there was only enough room for one Khan in wrestling. The video got a lot of attention, and Romero told the site that he thought it was a smart marketing play.

“It’s one of those cool things in wrestling,” Romero said. “Obviously, Tony is a smart guy, he gets the wrestling business, and this was his moment to kind of troll a little bit, which is fun. When you get to see somebody with that kind of status in wrestling, the owner of AEW, trolling WWE a little, trolling Nick Khan a little, I think it’s all in good fun and all pretty cool. Honestly, it may have helped Forbidden Door in some kind of way. It was smart marketing on Tony’s part.”