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Roddy Piper Slams Linda McMahon For Spending So Much Money To Lose Twice

November 7, 2012 | Posted by Joseph Lee

As previously reported, Linda McMahon lost her campaign to win the Senate seat in Connecticut to Democratic Representative Chris Murphy. This follows her loss in 2010 to Richard Blumenthal for the other seat.

The total cost of losing both elections has ranged from $90 to $97 million. McMahon spent $50 million of her own money in 2010 and is believed to have spent between $40-$47 million this year. She has definitely spent over $90 million, which is more than any other American in history.

Roddy Piper wrote a series of Twitter messages today crticizing her for spending that much money. He wrote: “Can spend 90 million on a losing election but won’t give the people that earned that money for them medical or retirement help of any kind!

He then re-tweeted the following: “It’s like the WBF all over again; money spent on alternate endeavors earned from the blood & sweat of the boys.

Finally, he confirmed a rumor that mid-level WWE talent had to pay for their own hotel and travel expenses during Wrestlemania XXVII week in Miami, Florida, even though the show brought in $102.7 million for Miami-Dade County. He re-tweeted: “They can spend 90 mill on elections but still make midcarders pay their and their family own way for wrestlemania. crazy.

Credit: Rajah

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