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Cook’s ROH Review 7.4.20

July 5, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Cook’s ROH Review 7.4.20  

Hey kids! It’s 4th of July Weekend, and this is the time of the year where wrestling promotions usually present something pro-USA. ROH is presenting PJ Black. It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 7.4.20

PJ Black shows off his love for extreme sports. Skydiving is his favorite! He’s got plenty of explanations on it. Best shape in his life, having the most fun in wrestling ever. He’s spent his quarantine reading nine books on every subject. Got his Reiki certification. Writing his own book. Cooking. Working the trampoline to figure out some new moves.

ROH Honor For All 2019: PJ Black vs. Silas Young: We’re in Nashville, Tennessee. Josh Woods is at ringside, which will be a story in this match. PJ & Silas exchanging on the mat. PJ with that early advantage. Announcers are spending the early part of the match sending shoutouts. Counters, both guys getting nearfalls, they are well-trained. Silas gets the upper hand with a big smack as we head to commercial. Caprice does a good job of explaining why a nice greenhorn like Josh Woods would hang with Silas Young. Silas is disrespectful on the outside, which leads to him getting the advantage. Now, Josh was supposed to interfere, but he didn’t because his show was untied. Honestly, Silas got the advantage anyway, he should have been happy. He’s getting too worried with his protege. Win the match, Silas, then talk shit out with your boy after. Focus. The man is too worried with turning Josh Woods into a rulebreaker. Now he’s working that rear chinlock. Darewolf makes the comeback. Couple of top rope moves get the nearfall. Black misses a corner splash and hits the post. Silas tosses him outside. He expects Woods to do something, and Woods does nothing. Silas still hits a double axehandle. Woods tells Silas he has this, and Silas isn’t happy. Back into the ring, PJ hits a jump cradle and gets the 3.

Winner: PJ Black (8:50 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: **1/2

– I wasn’t a fan of the actual match, though I did love the story. Which had nothing to do with PJ Black so I don’t know why it was on this show. Woods had confidence in Silas, Silas obviously had no confidence in himself, which led to his downfall. If Silas would just play by the rules, he could be a contender. Woods knows what’s up. PJ was just there for this story.

– PJ is a big fan of Bandido. Thinks he’s an incredible athlete, but can’t beat him. Which is infuriating since he’s been wrestling as long as Bandido has been alive.

ROH TV: PJ Black vs. Bandido: MY BOY BANDIDO! Love this guy. Fun exchanges early. Bandido sells the air arrow shot, but that was a ploy. Arm drag exchanges, Bandido does some gymnastics, Misses a kick, but Bandido was playing possum again. More exchanges, Black gets a near-fall before we go to commercial. So much fun watching these guys go back & forth! Black hits the corkscrew plancha on the outside! Nick Aldis chiming in on the commentary here. Meanwhile, Bandido hits the suplex on the outside. Moonsault off the top to the outside! Misses a rolling kick into the barricade! Black hitting some big strikes in the ring. Bandido breaks up the top rope move. Springboard rana into a reversal into a Styles Clash by Black gets 2! Wellness Policy gets 2! Aldis says that PJ should stick to a gameplan and he’s probably right. Bandido gets 2 with an Awful Waffle variation! Up in the corner again, rana by PJ, then a springboard moonsault got 2! Some exchanges, C4 from Bandido gets 2! A Bandido kick gets met with a kick from Black, a double stomp off the top gets 2! Back up top. Both guys up now, there’s the C4 from the top and it gets 2! Aldis is amazed. Moonsault from Bandido meets knees. But Bandido hits the XKnee, and the 21plex is all she wrote!

Winner: Bandido (13:18 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/2

– I might have gone to 4 stars for that one. Love me some Bandido and this was a great showcase.

– Handshake!

– PJ introduces our next match. I would have included more if I got more. I did not.

ROH/CMLL Global Wars Espectacular: Milwaukee: Triton vs. Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black: Flip takes a seat on the outside and lets Triton & PJ go at it. A cheeky little kick from Triton after an exchange, as Colt said. Exchange of arm drags. Colt is all about the idea of ROH going to South Africa. Triton sends Black into Gordon on the outside, and hits that moonsault onto both of them as we go to commercial! We back and all 3 are working now. Flip is teasing an injury here so good that my man Larry bought into it live. Good work on Flip’s part. PJ & Triton decide to go at it. A series of exchanges lead to meeting cross-bodies, but that’s when Flip comes in and tries to get near-falls. Flip flicks everybody off. DDT gets 2. He’s all over both these guys. He just DDTing both these guys, but Black gets him into a brainbuster for 2. He moonsaults both guys for 2 before we go to commercial. Triton gets the Spanish Fly for 2. He arm dragging both of these fools. Triton splashes them both on the outside! He rolls them both inside. Hits the splash on both and gets 2. Handspring into a kick on Black gets 2. Flip rips the mask off of Triton! That leads to Tracy Williams chasing Gordon off, Triton has the mask back on, moonsault hits nothing but knees! Springboard 450 or Placebo Effect, call it what you will, that leads to victory.

Winner: PJ Black (12:44 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/4

– A little over-booked at the finish, though I’m sure if I was a regular fan I would understand why Tracy Williams made a run-in. But if I was CMLL, I would be pissed at the booking. Dude got unmasked, got it back on and still lost? That’s some BS.

– PJ puts over Brian Johnson. He’s angry all the time, but that’s what PJ wants. He’s taught him how to mediate, some breathing techniques, some exercises, he thinks Johnson is a future world champion, maybe a tag team champion with him. PJ can’t wait to be back in the ring with ROH, the best wrestling on the planet.

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The 411
I enjoy PJ Black as a person, and any show with Bandido on it is a good time for me. I have to knock it down a notch because the match listing wasn't the best, and it's 4th of July Weekend so why does Sinclair not understand themes? They didn't have Dalton Castle during Pride Month, and they featured a South African on an American holiday. Whoever's scheduling this stuff has no awareness of life outside wrestling.

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