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Cook’s ROH TV Review 7.25.20

July 26, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Jonathan Gresham, Prime Time Pro Wrestling
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 7.25.20  

Hey kids! Tonight, ROH television highlights Jonathan Gresham. From what I’ve seen and heard, he would have fit right in early Ring of Honor for all of the right & wrong reasons. Tremendous in-ring performer. Somewhat lacking in size & charisma. Fortunately, ROH throughout the years has been the perfect place for people like that, so Gresham couldn’t ask for a right place to showcase his talents. A Best Of Show featuring his matches should be good too, so let’s get to it.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 7.25.20

We open with a video highlighting “The Foundation” Jonathan Gresham, who welcomes us to ROH TV. He’s dressed like William Regal. He’s working out outside and keeping the heart rate up, spending time with his fiancee & two cats, and flying kites! Flying kites is a social distancing activity that we should all be involved in. We’re looking at three of his favorite matches this week.

ROH Summer SuperCard: Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Mark Haskins & Bandido: MY BOY BANDIDO! He’s not starting though, it’s Haskins & Gresham. Some knuckle locks and pure wrestling to start, which I expect to be a trend on this show. Exchange of wristlocks and armbars. Gresham with a nice cartwheel out of a headlock, and Caprice Coleman tells us he could watch this all night. Tie up into the corner, some headlock exchanges lead to a commercial break. Lethal is chopping Haskins when we return. Dropkick by Haskins, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, tag to Bandido, who hits a senton for two. Forearm exchange, Bandido tries to hit the ropes, Gresham splits the ropes so Bandido falls through. Tag by Gresham, who takes it to Bandido on the outside! He’s got a chair, he’s trying to hit Bandido & Lethal breaks it up because he knows that would lead to a DQ. Gresham shoves Lethal down! Tag to Haskins, who hits a dive on Lethal, back in the ring. Lethal tags in, everybody’s in here now, some corner moves don’t go well, Haskins with a fireman’s carry drop on Gresham on top of Lethal for two. Reversals, Cradle Shock variation gets two. Haskins with the Falcon Arrow, Bandido with the Frog Splash on Lethal gets two when Gresham breaks up the count. Haskins gets double teamed, Lethal’s figure four attempt leads to a cradle for two, kicks, exchanges lead to that figure four on Haskins. Gresham holds Bandido, but that leads to Bandido powerbombing Gresham onto Lethal to break the move! Bandido & Gresham exchange gun shot hand motions. Forearm exchange. Pop-up cutter by Bandido on Gresham, X knee & 21 plex on Lethal, leads into the Sharpshooter from Haskins! Lethal taps to the Sharpshooter!

Winners: Mark Haskins & Bandido (19:50 via submission)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***3/4

– Yeah, that was some pretty good stuff right there. I don’t have much to add other than that, folks!

September 2019! Las Vegas! Death Before Dishonor! Jay Lethal had nothing to prove, but Gresham did. He had to prove that he belonged. It’s one of his favorite matches.

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2019: Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham: 77% of Instagram thinks Lethal will win. Pretty decisive number there. Gresham doesn’t want to shake hands? Lethal dominates the early grappling. Gresham has some tape around his knees but he’s still here and has wrist control for a second there. Lethal talking some stuff here, Gresham & Lethal continue exchanging holds. No clear advantage here. Caprice could watch this all day long! Hip tosses countered until Gresham takes one onto the outside! Lethal with a dropkick takes him down, Gresham avoids the dive outside but eats a dropkick in the ring. There’s a dive to the floor as we head to commercial! Lethal has the advantage as we return. Ian makes a baseball reference, as when you favor one side, the other side gets hurt. Gresham with a kick in the corner, gets taken down, Lethal locks in that figure four too close to the ropes. Springboard moonsault by Gresham & a kick, but he’s favoring that knee. Gresham with a series of armbars on Lethal. Grabs an ankle, kind of a Tequila Sunrise/Stretch Muffler combo gets a 2 count. Lethal sells the left shoulder, so Gresham targets it. Now Lethal fights back with chops. Big powerslam by Lethal, then goes for the figure four, Gresham tries to block but it’s locked in. Reversal! I’m told by my fellow otters that works pretty well, and they roll out to the floor as we head to commercial! Chops exchanged on the outside. Lethal tried to drop toe hold Gresham on a chair, Gresham blocks, gets mad and tried to use a chair, but Todd Sinclair blocks it! Las Vegas with a Todd chant? So weird? Jay & Jon exchange some words, then exchange blows! The fans like it! Superkick sets up…nah, that’s broken up, series of reversals, a cutter by Lethal gets two, he goes back to that figure four! Gresham with nowhere to go, gets out eventually. Lethal Combination to Gresham! Fans get behind Jay, superkick, Lethal’s knee locks up and he can’t hit the Injection! Gresham smacking him all around, goes for the Octopus! It’s locked in! Lethal taps!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (17:30 via submission)
Larry’s Star Rating: ****

– Gresham won fair & square! After thinking about it, Lethal does the right thing and hugs it out. Good man.

– December 2019! ECW Arena! Alex Shelley! This is probably his favorite match, as it speaks volumes on what ROH was built on: pure wrestling.

ROH Final Battle Fallout: Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley: Some words during the handshake, and Gresham & Shelley keep those hands locked through an early exchange. Jay Lethal gives Gresham some encouraging words at ringside. Gresham works the wrist. Shelley can work that style too, and he can tie Gresham up into knots if that’s what he wants. Lethal tells Shelley that Gresham has a counter for every move he has. We’ll see. Shelley avoids the springboard moonsault, drops Gresham with a Flatliner in the corner. Straitjacket with a knee to the back. Gresham comes back, targets Shelley’s knee as we go to commercial. Shelley’s trying to recover as we return. Exchange of chops. Gresham chops the leg! Nifty backslide gets 2. Series of near-falls. Superkick by Shelley! Caprice tells us that this is wrestling. Series of reversals leads to a three-count for Gresham, which Ian is happier about than anybody in the building because he was losing his voice.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (11:30 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***3/4

– No dirty tricks! Shelley & Lethal still have some bad blood, but Alex wants to show some respect. Handshake!

– Gresham wants to make a few announcements. His Foundation is doing good work in restoring honor, and has gained some connections in Mexico with Lucha Memes. He’s excited to show us what they have in store, so stay tuned.

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The 411
If you enjoy pure, technical professional wrestling, you won't get much better than Jonathan Gresham. I'm not sure that a company could build around him as their top guy and have an explosion in business, but having him on the card to improve the workrate & keep everybody on their heels is a great idea. Hopefully we'll get to see that Pure Wrestling Tournament that ROH was hyping before the pandemic at some point.

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