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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.1.20

August 2, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Joe Hendry
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.1.20  

Hey kids! Tonight, ROH television takes a look at the career of the Prestigious One, Joe Hendry. People like the Honky Tonk Man & Jeff Jarrett have talked about being great singers & wrestlers, but Hendry can actually lay claim to that. The Scot was a musician before getting into pro wrestling, and he’s also an accomplished free style amateur wrestler. A jack of all trades, let’s look at some of Joe’s best work in Ring of Honor.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.1.20

– Say his name & he appears, I believe in Joe Hendry! Hendry’s hit song kicks off the show. He welcomes us to the show complete in facemask & kilt. He’s currently in Scotland hanging out with his dog, working out, singing, song-writing and rapping. He’s racked up seven million hits online! He was keeping in touch with Dalton Castle via technology until they had a recent falling out. We take a look at a match where they were firing on all cylinders.

ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 2020: Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry vs. Griff Garrison & Marcus Cross: Garrison & Cross are known as “Master & Machine”. Cross has mastered martial arts while Garrison is a machine of an athlete. Dalton tries to eat while Joe tries to talk strategy. Dalton’s idea: don’t lose! Solid entrances for both members of the Castle/Hendry team. Hendry & Cross start, Hendry dominates with wrist control early, fireman’s carry, keeps control, off the ropes, Cross flips out, misses a kick off the ropes, Hendry back with a shouldertackle, Cross with a rana, dives into a slam, flips out and it’s a stand-off as we go to commercial! Castle & Garrison are in now and Castle rides him before Garrison gets him into the corner. Big suplex by Castle, who’s always been deceptively one of the strongest men in ROH. Castle goes for a choke on the mat, keeps in the mounted position, Garrison fights out, Bangarang reversed into a rollup for two. Garrison with a big shot. Slam, tag to Cross, wheelbarrow backdrop onto Castle gets two. High knee in the corner, but Cross gets the advantage, double stop for two. Tag to Hendry, big clothesline gets two. Stalling suplex on Cross gets two. Double team by Castle & Hendry gets two. Castle goes for a hold but Cross fights out. Hendry tags back in, gets a near-fall and goes for a hold of his own. Back elbow by Hendry, and Castle grabs a leglock. These guys are just working this Cross kid over. Dalton pauses to talk to Joe after a suplex, that leads to the tag and Garrison going all ham on everybody. Shots in the corner on each. Double spear! The Ivy League MVP showing it! Tag to Cross, Skywalker elbow gets two! Ian says that’s their finish, so I think they done. Sure enough, Hendry fallaway slams both Cross & Garrison. Tag to Dalton, rough knee to the skull of Cross. Garrison tries to break it up, Hendry clotheslines him over the top, Castle hits the finish to give his team that win they needed!

Winners: Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry (9:44 via pin)
Star Rating: ***

– Nice showcase for a tag team I was hoping we’d get to see more of here at some point. Who knows, we still might!

-It’s been one year since Henry got signed by ROH. It was a long road to get him there, but he believes this next match probably got him the job.

ROH Honor Re-United London 2018: Joe Hendry vs. Jonathan Gresham: Gresham is ready to go as usual. Hendry slips out of an attempted full nelson. Not sure Gresham should be trying that on such a big boy, but he keeps going for it and Hendry keeps getting out. They talk the move & the counter, and Gresham wants to try doing the counter himself. It’s not really working for him, so Gresham goes to the ropes. Wristlocks ahoy, some of that good chain wrestling stuff we’d expect from these two. Fireman’s carry into a count, and the fans enjoy this good ol’ rasslin. Hammerlock exchange into the ropes, little slaps on the face by Gresham! Now Gresham sucks Hendry into a trap, Hendry tries it himself, Gresham doesn’t fall for it, but helps him up to his feet like a sportsman before we go to commercial. Some interesting psychology here with two good guys having fun while still trying to establish themselves as the superior wrestler. I like it! Hendry offers Gresham a hammerlock, runs around the ring, drops down and sends Gresham to the outside! Gresham sent outside again after trying a figure four. Go-behinds, Gresham blocks the trip outside the ring, but not for long after a series of moves too quick for me to type. Headlock takeover by Gresham, another one, schoolboy without the cover, criss-cross applesauce, some classic British style here, Hendry sends Gresham down with a knee to the applause of the people. Small package rolling around the ring! Gresham gets two out of it, Hendry with a near-fall of his own, more near-falls, Gresham hits the springboard moonsault, kneedrops, manuvers Hendry into a three count!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (9:20 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***

– I think I might have gone a little higher than Larry on that one. Very quick sprint, but lots of good stuff and I always love some fun technical wrestling with twists I haven’t seen before or recently.

– Hendry has a Lockdown Collection. Wear a mask or he’ll throw you off this mountaintop! Or he’ll poke you in the eye! There’s nothing better than a lady in a mask, except winning the Tag Team Titles!

– This might be his favorite match! Apparently it proved he belongs in the main event scene in ROH, so let’s check it out.

ROH Honor United London 2019: ROH World Television Championship Match: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Joe Hendry: The London fans aren’t big Cleveland fans, apparently. Dalton Castle joins Ian on commentary, which is a treat. Shane Taylor Promotions & Joe Hendry Festivals are co-promoting this match apparently. Taylor wants to know if Hendry is done dancing like a ballerina. As Dalton & Ian point out, ballerinas are very strong. Tie up into the ropes, clean break. Now Taylor doing some chain wrestling! Not sure I would pursue that route if I was Taylor, but I think he wants to show off here. Hendry gets out of the wrist control. Taylor gets an advantage, but Hendry fights back and shoulder-blocks him to the outside as we go to commercial. Taylor catches the baseball slide and hits the Tower of London on the floor! He follows that up with the ol’ legdrop on the apron and is talking all kinds of junk. Back in the ring, Hendry with a chop, trying for a suplex but that doesn’t work. Back elbow by Taylor gets two. Dalton talks about Shane’s handsome thighs. Hendry misses in the corner and gets dumped out of the ring. Taylor tosses him into the barricade. One more time! Hendry wakes up, sends Taylor into the barricade, and smartly breaks up the count by Ref Todd Sinclair! It’s Taylor into the barricade as we hit another commercial. When we come back, Taylor knocks Hendry’s head off and gets a near-fall. Hendry pops the hips for a suplex! Solid shots by Hendry, Taylor hits one and it’s brutal, but Hendry fights back with knees to the jaw for a two count. Now they just talking stuff and exchanging strikes. Taylor gets the advantage out of that, hits the package piledriver, and Hendry kicks out! Big ol’ splash off the turnbuckle only gets two! Hendry with the fallaway slam for two! Hendry Lock! Kurt Angle taught him the move by gawd! Taylor fights out, clothesline by Hendry, Taylor comes back, hits Welcome to the Land and gets that three count!

Winner: Shane Taylor (14:40 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/4

– Some darn good stuff, and I could listen to Dalton Castle talking about thighs, hips & hammies all day.

– Joe thanks each & every single one of us for checking out the show this week.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I gotta admit, when I looked up Larry's star ratings for these matches I wasn't expecting a whole lot. But I definitely liked what I saw from Joe Hendry. You might even say that I believe in the Prestigious One. Definitely brings something different to the table, and can hang in the ring. At 32 years old the sky's the limit, if he can get out of Scotland and wrestle for ROH again.

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