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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.15.20

August 16, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Rhett Titus
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.15.20  

Hey kids! This week, ROH television takes a look at somebody who’s been with the promotion as long as anybody, Rhett Titus! He was one of the early trainees in the ROH Dojo. Rhettski the Jetski! Addicted to Love, Rhett Titus! The Thrust is a Must! One of those kids from back in the day.

Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.15.20

– Rhett Titus welcomes us to another episode of ROH TV, his co-host is RJ Titus in a Radio Flyer wagon, and he welcomes us to the show!

– He’s showing people how to stay in shape during quarantine. I would say I wished I knew about this before, but my shape has always been round. He talks about his ROH career. Started in 2006, he did all the jobs. He met Kenny King, formed the All Night Express, and they got things into gear eventually.

ROH Final Battle 2010: ANX (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly): Rhett & Kyle O’Reilly start. Rhett is quick, but Kyle is quick too. DAVE FREAKING PRAZAK ON COMMENTARY. One of the legends of 2000s indy wrestling, gave so many people a platform to do their thing. O’Reilly with the early advantage here. Kenny King tries to reverse that by taking Rhett outside. KO dives onto Rhett & Kenny, that doesn’t work, but Cole diving onto all three does! We go to commercial! Back into the ring as we get back, O’Reilly works Rhett over in the corner, but Rhett powers him out. Nice double team, splash by Rhett gets a 2 for Kenny. More double teaming. Big kick by Kenny gets 2 for Rhett. Big chop, more double team, a clothesline by Kenny gets 2. Another tag, Kyle works his way out of all that, sends them into each other and teases the tag. Tag to Adam Cole, BAY BAY! King tries a hair pull from the apron, so Cole turns it into a DDT on the apron! Hardest part of the ring! Now we’re cooking! O’Reilly with some big moves, inclusing a missile dropkick to King on the floor! Cross body by Cole on Titus gets 2! King with a back rake, which leads to a rapid fire series of moves and a two count on Cole! Titus with the double knees on Cole, but a superkick leaves him flat and all four men are down. Fans say it it awesome. Cole going up top, Titus catches him, O’Reilly puts him in the Tree of Woe and there’s some double teaming. King gets caught into a near-fall. Kyle eats shit on the floor, Cole is prone to a blockbuster powerbomb that gets 3!

Winners: All Night Express
Ari Berenstein’s Match Rating: ***3/4

– Rhett is still pumping up. Now it’s time to talk about that ANX feud with the Briscoe Brothers. They’re too violent to be shown on TV, but they’re all available on the Honor Club. Things happened, he got bounced from ROH. The Briscoes offered an open challenge a few years later, and somebody answered that challenge.

– The Romantic Touch answred it! Pretty much everybody knew it was Rhett Titus during the gimmick’s run, but there was no reason to not play along with it. The lights go out, an ANX video plays on the screen, and here are Rhett Titus & Kenny King!

ROH All Star Extravaganza VII: The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. ANX: Hashtag is ANXISBACK! They were never beat for those tag team titles years ago, and now they’re back. Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino & BJ Whitmer are all perplexed, especially BJ since he was working a gimmick where he hated people coming back to ROH. Adam Page joins us om commentary! The Hangman! Whatever happened to that guy? Corino remembers seeing Titus last at Steel Cage Warfare, when Titus was representing Corino’s SCUM faction. Never thanked him for his efforts though. King a house affire on Jay & Mark, a kick to Mark gets 2. These teams are very familiar with each other, so it’s easy for the Briscoes to break up those double team moves. Briscoes go for a Doomsday, but Kenny breaks that up. Suicide dive from Jay onto Kenny. Page taking shots at the Young Bucks on commentary…some things never change. Dives to the floor! Rhett blocks an attempted rana off the top. ANX hits that blockbuster powerbomb on Mark and gets the 3 count! Big win on the return!

Winners: All Night Express (8:35 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/4

– Rhett has wrestled some of the best in the world. Bryan Danielson, Roderick Strong, Tyler Black, but none were as technically proficent as Jonathan Gresham.

Future of Honor: Rhett Titus vs. Jonathan Gresham: Rhett was the MCW Champion here, defending against his toughest test yet. We’ve seen Gresham outwrestle people before on these best-ofs. Gresham & Titus work some mat wrestling early. They’re going hold for hold early. Gresham chooses to work the knee, but Titus is hanging with him. Titus still with that wrist control, frustrating Gresham enough for the cheap shot. But Titus gets the springboard elbow and the first count. Cravate by Titus, shades of Chris Hero, chop in the corner as we go to commercial. We back, and Gresham distracts the ref enough to go downstairs on Titus and get the advantage. Titus fights back though, a crossbody gets a near-fall, and now Rhett is not too happy. Ultimate Warrior style splash gets two. Gresham uses the referee for another distraction. DDT into an Oklahoma roll gets two. Now he’s targeting the arm. Targeting the wrist, if you will. Gresham just rolling all over the place, into a crossface. Titus turns that into a two count. We’re back from commercial, some counter rasslin & Titus hits a powerslam. Some back & forth, apparently Gresham worked the wrong arm beccause Rhett’s clotheslining arm is still strong. Gresham still working some counters. A big boot on the apron sends Gresham to the floor. Titus takes care of business there. Up top, frog splah gets knees, Gresham gets a funky rollup for 2. Gresham slapping the man now and that’s just an insult. Gresham keeps coming though. Big top rope splash on the back gets 2. Gresham working the arm bar, Titus fights out, big DDT gets a 2 with the foot on the ropes. Frog splash to the back of Gresham. One more gets a 2.75! They both go back to their feet, Gresham focuses on that arm, with some wrist tape undone, Reversals, leads to Rhett hitting the big kick for the three count!

Winner: Rhett Titus
Star Rating: ***

– Really solid wrestling. I don’t think it quite reached that next level, but I’m not sure it was supposed to. Part of a pretty big weekend for ROH.

– That match had Rhett sitting on the edge of his seat the whole time. He thanks us for watching, and he can’t want to be back. We’re taking it week by week & remain Honor Strong.

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ROH dipping into the archives for this episode! A little bit of some Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly, some Briscoes. Also got a pretty rare Jonathan Gresham match. I applaud the effort to find different styles of matches here. But, I'm not gonna lie, I'm not surprised I heard ROH was looking to produce new shows on the same week they did a Best of Rhett Titus episode. Nothing personal to Rhett, seems like a good dude, but when he's getting a best of you can tell people are running out of ideas.

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