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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.29.20

August 30, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
Tracy Williams ROH
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Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.29.20  

Hey kids! This week, ROH TV takes a look at the best of “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams. I have to admit that the last time I saw this guy, he was pretty green. Let’s see what’s happened since then!

Cook’s ROH TV Review 8.29.20

– We open with a highlight package to techno music. Tracy Williams welcomes us alongside his dog, and says we’ll take a look at his career in ROH so far. He’s been living in NYC, it’s been crazy, and he’s been trying to distract himself from missing pro wrestling. Here’s his first match in ROH!

ROH Survival of the Fittest 2018: Tracy Williams vs. Jonathan Gresham: Ian is sure this will be a very scientific bout. Grappling! Williams has some heavy tape on that shoulder. Colt Cabana isn’t excited about that. Tracy still working those legs. Gresham found an out via the knee, and now he’s working Tracy’s ankle. Now Tracy back up and working Jonathan’s leg. Leapfrog into a rollup, more grappling, These guys losing their cool. Back suplex by Williams gets 2. Williams working a submission, but now Gresham fighting out of that. Williams with a big suplex for two, as we go to commercial. Gresham working on that shoulder as we return. Gresham with a second rope dropkick. Exchange of chops. Gresham wants a suplex. He gets it! Two count. Kick to that wrist. Going for that Octopus submission, Williams fights out, we’re up top now, Williams DDTs Gresham into the top turnbuckle, another one on the mat gets 2! Williams lifts Gresham up, reversals, rana gets 2, DVD gets 2. Faceoff. Williams with forearms, Gresham answers. Kip up into Williams’ knee, more trading of blows, clothesline into a piledriver by Williams gets 2! Gresham with a knee on the outside, crossbody into a roll through gets 2. Gresham goes back to the arm, and to the Octopus! That is all!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham (12:30 via submission)
Larry’s Star Rating: ***1/2

– I liked it! Wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch with these guys at 100%. Maybe in that Pure Wrestling Tournament?

– After that match, ROH signed Tracy to a full-time contract, which Tracy saw as a vote of confidence for technical wrestling. This next match is another one of those technical wrestling classics.

ROH TV: Tracy Williams vs. Zack Sabre Jr.: Tracy still has that shoulder taped, which may play into things. Especially considering Sabre is a technical wrestling master. Tracy gets the upper hand early. Working that leg. ZSJ knows how to escape. Williams still trying to get those pinfalls. Now Sabre has the submission. We going to a break at a standoff! Sabre tried to work over an arm, but Williams chopped him anyway. Sabre going back to that shoulder. Williams with a suplex. Clotheslines in the corner, a cover off a DVD gets 2. Tracy hitting some strikes. Sabre tries to go back to the arm, doesn’t work, maybe it does. Sabre with a Calf Killer, he working over that ankle no matter where Williams turns, until Tracy turns into an armbar, then a Texas Cloverleaf! Inside cradle by ZSJ gets 2. Chops by Tracy. Backslide, reversals, Sabre goes back to that arm, Tracy still gets a clothesline for 2. Going for the piledriver, Sabre reverses into the Octopus, which seems to be Tracy’s Achilles’ heel. That’s it!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr. (Jeremy Lambert didn’t time this for me via submission)
Star Rating: ***3/4

– We’ve established I can’t rate things, so I went with that rating because I liked it a little bit more than the first match, but not enough to put it into that vaunted **** range.

– Williams talks about Lifeblood, which wanted to make sure Ring of Honor lived up to its name. Not everybody agreed, including one man who wanted to make ROH his own personal ego trip. This leads to Tracy taking on Bully Ray. Was this the weekend where Bully Ray bullied fans that didn’t like his heel girlfriend?

ROH State of the Art 2019 – Day 2: Anything Goes: Tracy Williams vs. Bully Ray: Bully Ray rambles on. It would have been good twenty years ago when ECW had no censors on PPV. Ray offers an open challenge, and here comes Hot Sauce! Tracy accepts the challenge, and offers the No DQ anything goes stips. Bully Ray kicks Tracy in the balls and accepts the challenge. Microphone to the spine as we go to commercial. Bully working this poor kid over as we return. Garbage can to the back. Vertical suplex by Bully gets 2. Tracy’s shoulder is still weak. Another suplex. Bully Ray taking him to Suplex City! Tracy fights back! I wish he knew what “No DQ” meant, because he releases holds on counts by Todd Sinclair. Which leads to him taking a bump onto a trash can for a 2 count. Bully finds a table under the ring as we go to commercial. We come back, and Bully Ray puts a table in the ring while talking to Honor Club. What a mark. Williams takes a kendo stick shot on the table. Now Williams has a vice grip on Bully’s lower nutsac region. We going up top, Williams gets tossed off, avoids the table, Bully follows him, gets cradled into a pin!

Winner: Tracy Williams (8:15 via pin)
Larry’s Star Rating: **1/2

– Bully is a sore loser, attacking Tracy & Todd afterwards. Mark Haskins intervenes, and gets introduced to a table. He’s in the main event and putting over a nostalgia act. Considering how much Larry hated this Bully Ray run, I can only assume he rated this match so high because Bully Ray lost. It wasn’t good.

– Tracy says a lot of his time here has felt like a failure, but the Pure Championship comes back soon. Stay tuned. When the Pure Championship kicks off, ROH can call itself the best pro wrestling on the planet.

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The 411
I mean...the best you got from "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams was his first two matches with the company and a Bully Ray match? Not exactly a vote of confidence. I still liked it because I'm a ZSJ mark, but we're at the point where we've run out of material.

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