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Roman Reigns Looks Stupid Against John Cena

September 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
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Poor Roman Reigns.

I never thought I’d say that given how protected and pushed he’s been over the years, but he’s been completely exposed in this mic battle with John Cena. If this is their best effort to gain sympathy for him, it’s working. I don’t think it’s working on the masses, who now just see Roman is a step below Cena, but it’s working on me.

The other week, I wrote about Cena trucking people on the mic. That point remains, but what he’s doing to Roman right now is unfair. It’s not 100 percent Roman’s fault. I understand that there are writers and he has bullet points that he must hit, but that’s why I feel so bad for him. The material he’s given makes him looks even worse.

Roman Reigns is at his best when he says a couple of words and then punches people in the mouth. He’s not a good promo, he’s not a bad promo, he’s just a promo. In this feud with Cena, he’s been a terrible promo.

First off, he can’t garner a reaction without cursing. Cursing is the cheapest pop someone can get nowadays because of how rare it is. So, when Roman uses “bitch” or “ass” the crowd is always going to react. It’s become a crutch for Roman and exposes just how bad he’s been on the mic otherwise.

Second, he’s rehashing material. We’ve heard the “part-timer” and “you can’t wrestle” stuff directed at Cena a hundred times over the last year. Roman isn’t saying anything different than AJ Styles or The Miz. Even when Roman puts a new spin on old material, he comes off as less credible. When AJ Styles says he’s a better wrestler than Cena, everyone knows it’s true. But when Roman says it, it’s debatable at best. But Roman took it a step farther by claiming to have better matches in two-years than Cena has in his career.

Say what you will about Cena’s wrestling ability, but the man has a number of classic matches against a variety of opponents. Claiming to be a better wrestler is one thing. Claiming to have more great matches than a guy who the company has coined Big Match John for his ability to have great matches makes Roman sound stupid.

Finally, the new material isn’t good and they are lies. On Monday, Roman decided to attack Cena for failing to break into Hollywood and then claimed that business was up while Cena was gone. Given that Cena has been all over television and movies in the last year and currently has four movies in production, I’d say Roman is off base with his claim that Cena is failing in Hollywood. And who cares about how the business is doing? Again, it’s a lie because business always goes back up when Cena is on the card, but really, who cares? No one tunes in to see two people fight on the premise of gate receipts.

To make matters worse for Roman, a week after he chastised Cena for taking too long to beat Jason Jordan, he took longer. His defense was that, “he was having a great match.” But his goal heading into the match was to beat Jordan quicker than Cena, so who cares if the match was good if he still failed what he set out to accomplish?

For three weeks now, Roman has stood in front of Cena and looked stupid. Cena came out on RAW the first week ready to fight, calling out Roman almost immediately. Instead of punching Cena right in the mouth for having the audacity to come into his yard and challenge him, he’s done nothing. He’s teamed Cena like they are best friends and he’s stood there like he’s awestruck by his presence.

Roman Reigns has one more week to save some type of face in this feud. Given the previous three weeks, my hopes aren’t very high.

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