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Roman Reigns Cuts Promo on Jey Uso Before Clash of Champions

September 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roman Reigns WWE Smackdown

Clash of Champions is tonight, and Roman Reigns is trying to get the last on his opponent Jey Uso before the show. Reigns posted a video to Twitter on Saturday night that you can see below, where he talks about having watched Jey’s WWE Chronicle episode and addressed why he’s going to go home with his WWE Universal Championship.

“It’s the night before Clash of Champions, baby,” Reigns tells Uso. “You’re probably resting. You’re probably getting ready, I’m over here working man. I just watched your documentary. Nothing but respect, nothing but love man. You already know, I lived it with you. From the porch to the PPV, only our family can do that. But I’m telling you right now, I told you before; this ain’t your moment, Uce. I love you. We come from the same bloodline. But I paid attention, I learned differently than you. I was groomed differently than you. You’re over here trying to level up; I live at this level, I am this level. Tomorrow night, I gonna show you why, baby. Get some sleep, Uce. Yes sir.”