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Roman Reigns Says Dean Ambrose Will Be Fine After He Leaves WWE

April 20, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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WWE has posted a new video in which Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns talk about the reality hitting them that Dean Ambrose really is leaving WWE. They are preparing for their last match as The Shield, which happens tomorrow as a WWE Network special. Here are highlights:

Rollins on entering the arena with the Shield: “I get so accustomed now over the years to coming through the curtain, I remember when we first had to come through the curtain, it was like “oh no.” And then it was like, “oh this curtain thing’s nice, waiting in gorilla.” But once we go back out, it’s just a different vibe. Especially these last few times, doing it with these guys after everything that The Shield has gone through in the past six years…knowing it’s the last weekend you definitely cherish it a little bit more. Try to soak it in.”

Reigns on the reality of the situation hitting him: “Yeah, I’m riding with him, so it really feels like it for me. The real life aspect is something that always weighs in heavy on me. It’s been awhile, I haven’t done a full loop in six months now, so, yeah, it feels like it’s getting there.”

Reigns on if he can convince him to stay: “Nah, nah, the jokes are over. I want him to be happy and it seems like he’s in a good place and is happy. That’s the key to life is just be happy. Different material, situations, and objects are going to come and go, but where your heart is and what makes you smile, I think, is the most important thing. Ultimately, that’s all we want for each other. We started out in this crazy world of taking over this mountain, and putting our flags in it, to being able to achieve all those things and now it’s back to the simple things. That’s just keeping a smile on our faces and making sure we’re happy. He’ll be fine.”

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