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Roman Reigns On His Three-Year Run Atop WWE, Relationship With Dusty Rhodes

March 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roman Reigns WWE Clash at the Castle Image Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns has been WWE Champion for over 940 days, and he recently looked back at his run in WWE ahead of his WrestleMania 39 match. The Tribal Chief spoke with U.S. News for a new interview and you can see a few highlights below:

On his last few years in WWE: “You set goals and have visions of where you view yourself and what you’d like to accomplish. But, I couldn’t have written the past three years any better. It feels good to come from a wrestling family that has been performers for a long time. To represent such a prestigious title reign at the tippity top of the mountain, there’s no comparison.”

On his up-and-down relationship with fans: “There was always that struggle, and I don’t blame them. Everything we’re doing now and how it is displayed — the character work, the personality, the storylines, all of that the information we’re giving our fans, we’re keeping everything as logical as you can in a wrestling show.”

On his feud with the Usos Uso that brought them into the Bloodline: “When these ideas in real-time started happening, it became a chain reaction, a domino effect. It’s been like an onion, peeling open, left and right, these awesome opportunities and different rabbit holes to dive down with these different characters we’ve involved.”

On his relationship with the late Dusty Rhodes: “He’s critical early on as far as instilling confidence. He saw the man I would become opposed to what I was looking at in the mirror. I’ve lived with that and carried that with me anytime I have doubts.”

On his physical condition and future: “I feel good. I take care of myself. I’m not running around doing anything crazy. I raise children and dominate the wrestling game. If they keep cutting these insane checks, I’ll stay around.”

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