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Roman Reigns Trades Barbs With The Miz and John Morrison, M&M Take Shots at Usos’ Past Legal Issues

February 13, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Miz and John Morrison Smackdown

Roman Reigns got into a Twitter back and forth with The Miz and John Morrison, which featured the heels taking what looked to be shots at the Usos over their previous legal issues. It all started when Miz took to Twitter to praise himself, and included a mention of Reigns and pass at the former Shield member’s film career. That led to Reigns firing back over the fact that Miz’s films have generally gone straight to DVD, as you can see below.

Morrison then chimed in and echoed comments Miz made suggesting that the Usos will not be at Smackdown and adding a “locked out” reference. The Usos have, of course, had some arrests that may prohibit them from entering Canada, though that is not confirmed and the Usos have not respond as of this writing.