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Ronda Rousey Reportedly Legit Angry Over Becky Lynch Twitter Feud

March 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey RAW

– According to a recent report by Diva-Dirt.com, Ronda Rousey is apparently “legitimately” angry at Becky Lynch over her recent Twitter comments. As the saying usually goes, the recent Twitter feud is a case of Ronda Rousey “working herself into a shoot” over the feud.

As previously reported, online rumors suggested that Rousey is actually frustrated with WWE’s recent booking around her. In recent days, their Twitter feud picked up a lot of steam. As noted, Ronda Rousey insulted Becky Lynch’s armbar writing, :F word? You mean ‘fake’? Fake like your non sensical BS ‘armbar’ that doesn’t even work and just looks like you’re holding the d*** you wish you had?” Lynch wrote in response, “Huh, it *does* look exactly like one now that you mention it.” Lynch had photoshopped an image of the head of Travis Browne, Rousey’s husband, onto the arm in the picture.

Following that, Rousey appeared to break character and wrote, “Rebecca Quin, I don’t care what the script says, I’m beating the living s*** out of you the next time I see you.” An online rumored claimed that WWE was “not thrilled” with the choice of words by Ronda Rousey on Twitter.

The Diva Dirt reported that the Twitter feud between the two was making “many people” in the WWE uncomfortable. If this is not the case, then WWE and the talent involved have done an excellent job here.