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Roxanne Perez On Her Emotions Before Making Royal Rumble Debut last Year

January 19, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Roxanne Perez WWE Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

Roxanne Perez made her Royal Rumble debut last year, and she recently discussed what she was feeling before and as she came to the ring. Perez was a surprise entrant in the 2023 women’s Rumble match, and she appeared in a new WWE video of stars reacting to the match. You can see some highilghts below, per Fightful:

On how she was feeling before her entrance: “Every single time the timer would start counting down I would get chills, just because it was like I know you [Booker T] always told me just to soak up the moment, take in the moment as much as you can. So that’s what I was doing when I was back there, I was looking around, I was surrounded by women that inspired me as a kid watching this. It was really surreal, every single moment.”

On her mindset as she came out: “I was thinking I gotta take it all in. I went out there, I stood there for a few seconds. I’m gonna look at them, I’m gonna take this moment in. The adrenaline was crazy. That fire, when the crowd started coming with me, it is literally a moment I will never forget.”