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Roxanne Perez Says She’s Tired Of Getting ‘Screwed Over’ In Pursuit of NXT Women’s Title

February 7, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE NXT Roxanne Perez Image Credit: WWE

In a promo for WWE Digital following last night’s NXT, Roxanne Perez vented her frustration about other wrestlers costing her chances to become NXT Women’s Champion.

She said: “Once again, I proved just exactly why they call me The Prodigy, and not because I have a million followers on social media, not because I use my assets to get to the top, but because I am the best damn woman on that roster. Every single woman in this locker room knows that. That’s exactly why every single time that I get this close to getting back that NXT Women’s Championship, someone has to come and screw me over. I’m honestly sick of it because if none of that would have happened, I would have been standing here as your two-time NXT Women’s Champion. So at this point, send them all. Send the whole freaking women’s roster, and I am going to continue to beat them until I get back to that NXT Women’s Championship.

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