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Ryback On Jon Moxley’s Criticisms of WWE: ‘People Need to Hear This’

June 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ryback Jon Moxley

– Ryback discussed Jon Moxley’s criticisms of WWE’s creative process in a recent episode of his Conversations With the Big Guy podcast. Ryback agreed with what Moxley was saying, noting his own experiences with WWE and how they echoed a lot of what Moxley said on Chris Jericho’s podcast. Highlights are below:

On Moxley saying producers would have been fired if he went off script: “I’ve said that now for I don’t know how many times on promos. Same exact thing. You’ve heard the legends [talking about going off-script], and times have changed. Dean, he may not have been worried about being fired, and he was heavily protected in that system. There’s producers, there’s writers, and they built this chain of command where it will happen.”

On his own experience with going off-script: “I remember doing something where I was working with Kalisto. I wasn’t supposed to do ‘Feed Me More’ in the ring, it was one of our final matches. We had a thing during the break, and they wanted us to go off the air with me just staring at him in the middle of the ring. The crowd, there was nothing [in terms of reaction]. The crowd didn’t know whether I was a babyface or heel. It was that weird period where everything, we were butting heads in the back. And I just went with gut instinct where I said that this needs something to f**king make this f**king way cooler. I started doing the ‘Feed Me More’ at the end of it and the crowd started f**king doing it and we closed it where it wasn’t quiet. I think Scott Armstrong was the producer for that. And Vince, I got to gorilla with Vince. I think I’ve told this story, he goes ‘Why the f**k did you do that?’ I go, ‘Because the segment f***ing sucked’ right to his face. He looks at me and [goes] ‘Are you f**king stupid?’ And I just said, ‘Are YOU stupid?’ And I walked away, and then Scott Armstrong came in. Scott got yelled at really bad. That was one of my final things with Vince where I just didn’t gave a s**t.”

On Moxley’s frustration with WWE: “I’ve heard people say too as far as venting frustrations, he made millions of dollars and he was well taken care of. But it’s like the CM Punk thing, people are like, ‘Well, what right does he has to b***h? He has all this.’ But you’re not looking at his point of view. The bulls*** exists for everybody at every level there because of that system and these rules that are in place. The frustration goes from the bottom to the top because of everything Jon talked about, and he was spot-on with it.”

On Moxley using Jericho’s platform to call out WWE: “The thing is, and I saw people saying that I have said this for years, and my fans know that, but I also didn’t go on the Jericho podcast and talk about it. I didn’t go on a large platform that Jon did and he left right away and came out. I didn’t do interviews when I left. I just went and did my podcast eventually, and he went right out because he is going hot. He went right to these big guns and is dropping it. And for the first time, a lot of people are hearing this stuff. Which is great, they need to hear this because it’s what a lot of people have said before.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Conversations With the Big Guy with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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