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Ryback On Being Surprised That Goldberg Won the WWE Universal Title, Says Triple H and Vince Hated Goldberg

March 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown

On the latest Conversations With the Big Guy, Ryback weighed in on Goldberg beating the Fiend for the WWE Universal Title and heading to WrestleMania. Goldberg is set to face Roman Reigns for the title at the PPV and Ryback said while he’s happy for Goldberg’s success, he’s confused by the decision because he says WWE officials “hated” Goldberg when Ryback was there. Ryback said he wanted to have a match with Goldberg but this was while Goldberg was on the outs before the WWE Hall of Fame induction and was shut down.

Highlights from the discussion, and the video clip, are below:

On WWE putting Goldberg over The Fiend: “I’ll never s**t on anyone having success, as far as Bill coming in and getting the [title], being used. Do I wish when I was there that these — when I wanted him to come in and WWE wanted nothing to do with him? Yeah, selfishly I wish because it was there and it still will be there down the road. But my thing is, and I look at this and I know from an athlete’s standpoint, Bill Goldberg, the conditioning aspect of things. Father Time is undefeated. And you see it in when you have to pick up guys. And Bray’s really good with his body, but Bray’s a heavy guy too and stuff. And when you have difficulty doing things, and you look fatigued — and this isn’t s**ting on Bill. This is, Bill’s not an active wrestler. He’s been out of the game for a long time. And you question what are they doing. I want Bill to be healthy, and the guy — he’s definitely still in phenomenal shape. But I’m looking at it from a cardio aspect of this. And I could see he’s heavily fatigued with very short matches. And he’s very intense, I get it. And I know how that goes. But I don’t know man. I’m looking at this and I’m like, they’ve done this so long in the past.”

On Goldberg getting the title: “The Bill Goldberg stuff confuses me. I’m honestly baffled, because they f**king hated him when I was there. I’m telling you, Hunter and Vince, like I wasn’t allowed to f**king talk about him. And it was like, what changed with that where they put the title on him twice, he’s not there. And I’m happy. Like, his success and making money, great. Can’t get jealous of that stuff, because it’s pro wrestling and you want everyone to do [well]. It’s just, I know the guys there. If I was there full-time, and this is just as a wrestler being there, I’d be f**king pissed. I’m sure all the boys are. Another guy coming in, taking a WrestleMania spot. You whore yourself out all year, and then they give the big paydays to the people who aren’t f**king holding the company up currently. And that’s not a knock on Bill; they do it with all the past guys. And it doesn’t bother me nearly as much now that I’m out of there and doing my own thing. But if I was there, and I know from when I was there and the talent, it’s extremely frustrating. Because you give them everything.”

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